The Impossibility of Loving Jesus Before Conversion

28 April 2013-


No one loves Jesus before he gets converted. No one. That's because only the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of you can give you a love for Jesus Christ. It is impossible to have that love without the work of the Spirit. Period.



The new birth is nothing any of us can brag about as though we did something to deserve it, or make it happen. We simply received the good news that was presented to us in the message of the Gospel. That is how a person gets converted. Right now at this very moment, you are either spiritually alive in Christ or spiritually dead in your sin. There is no third option.


We are all lawbreakers. Once we get that point in our heart and in our head, we are one step closer to embracing the good news of forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit brings us to Jesus. He works the miracle of the new birth. The next thing we know, Jesus is our Savior. That's when we start wanting to follow Him because of what He has done for us. We get motivated the instant we get born again.



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