Student Outreach by the New Generation (SONG)

20th September 2012  by Mindy Oon , CM –

Held on Saturday afternoons at Ipoh’s YMCA, the study center of Student Outreach by the New Generation (SONG) is a ministry by Canning Garden Baptist Church dedicated to helping Chinese speaking students. With their motto ‘Academic, Character and Testimony’, SONG aims to reach out to Chinese school students not only by sharing God’s love to them but also through academic tutoring and outings. Their current Saturday program comprises of study time from 1.00 to 3.30pm followed by cell groups from 3.30 to 4.30pm.

Students during cell group time

Besides their study center, SONG also goes into several Chinese schools to teach the word of God – Perak Girls School on Wednesdays, Yuk Choy on Thursdays and Fridays, as well as S.M. Sam Tet on Fridays.

According to Boey Oi Kam, coordinator of SONG ministry, many teens from the Chinese schools she visits seem to be ‘lost’. They do not know who they are, what to do and where they stand. Boey also observes that many parents from the lower income group do not spend time

helping their children plan their future, nor do they encourage their children to do well in their studies. She also added that these children tend to grow up without morals, and that there is a need for SONG to reach out to these students.

‘Students nowadays seem to be lacking in respect. For example, they do not even know how to say a simple thank you. They also do not know how to address their teachers. Instead, they call them by name. At SONG, we teach them the concept of respect, we teach them right from wrong.’ said Ms.Khong, a core leader in SONG ministry.

Indeed SONG has impacted the lives of the young people they meet.

‘SONG has helped me learn to concentrate on my studies. Through the help and encouragement of the other students here, my studies have improved. I am more hardworking when it comes to my studies, and I am also a happier and more joyful person now as compared to before I joined SONG. Now, I bring my younger brother along to the SONG study center when I come on Saturday.’ said Kiddy Soong, a lower six student, when asked whether SONG had made a difference in his life.

From left to right: Ms. Khong, Kiddy Soong, Kiddy’s younger brother Soong Sai Kit, Dennis Loh & Boey Oi Kam.

‘We want to impact lives, and bring Christ’s values to the schools. We want to instill these values so that students will be able to do what is right, and so that they will be able to differentiate right from wrong. We want to teach students not to compromise good values. Through SONG we hope that Christ will be shared,’ said Boey.

SONG will be taking their students for a mission trip to Kaki Bukit, Perlis in December. Among the activities that the students will be undertaking in this mission trip are sessions of a Vacation Bible School, and Christmas caroling. Through experiences such as this coming mission trip, it is hoped that the students will be able to better understand Christ’s love.

Those who are interested in helping and mentoring students in SONG are welcomed to contact Boey Oi Kam at 016 5968954.