Fencing the Sheep

10 May 2013  by Donna CM –


During his visit to Kuching, Bro Frank Dewar, a preacher, leader and cattle farmer with the missionary team from Perth, Australia shared his perspective about God with the church here.

“Christ came to fulfill the law,” he said. Sometimes, we get stuck in the law of descriptions just like the Pharisees.


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“The law, which is the Word of God, is like fences that keep the sheep in,” he continued saying, if we don’t feed the sheep, they die. If we don’t feed ourselves with the Word of Christ, we die, he illustrated.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. When you know Him, in an earshot, you can hear His voice. If the wolf comes, you die.

“The Word keeps you in boundaries. But we have the freedom of Christ,” said Bro Frank. We have pastors leading the flock. But, some pastors, by methodology, tell you to do this and that.

As parents, we are careful to lead our children. “If we stray too far from the God, we get eaten by wolves,” he said. We have to hear the voice of the shepherd.

“We are in a very tough world,” he added. Technology, it doesn’t bring wholesome communication. Texts, doesn’t mean anything without hearing each other, he related when communicating with his children.

“We need to stay close to the Shepherd. Listen to your heavenly Father,” said Bro Frank.

Bro Frank Dewar was in Kuching with his team of seven, along with Ps Peter Hack from Cornerstone Church, Perth for a short visit before heading to West Kalimantan, Indonesia.


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