Starpark for Christian Artistes

17th October, 2012 – By Adeline Lum,  CM –


Starpark is an association created to support Christian artistes from the Malaysian Chinese entertainment industry. Pastor Joeann Chong, founder of Starpark, started it three years ago from the humble beginnings of having one singer, one producer and one deejay in the association.

After Pastor Joeann served as a pastor for the First Assembly of God in Pudu for ten years, she felt called to leave the church and start Starpark in Malaysia.



“I realized that Hong Kong and Taiwan have local associations to support Christian artistes, but Malaysia does not have any,” Joeann said. Due to her background in the entertainment industry, Pastor Joeann had extensive experiences taking care of artistes’ needs.

Starpark now has an office, where local Christian artistes meet every Monday to worship God.

Several events had been held since it’s start up including the soft launch 2009, Jaeson Ma concert 2010, Star Park Anniversary 2010, Devotion Camp 2011, Special Project for Tsunami 2011, NECF Prayer Camp, Starpark Gathering 2011, and most recently, the Heavenly’s Love Music Rally.

Hong Kong artiste (Wong Cho Lam, Sherman Chung and Zac Kao) teamed up with our local artistes (Yen, Wei Wei, Miau Miau, Aenie, Jeff, Jovi and Maylune) on 13th October and 14th October 2012 at Grace Convention Center.  Close to 150 people turned up and lined up outside the concert hall even before it began.


Heavenly’s Love Music Rally


The musical concert started off with Emcee Jeff (My FM deejay) and Emcee Monsterz (actor) warming up the crowd with quirky jokes, followed by our Miau Miau sharing her powerful testimony of God.



After worship, Wong Cho-Lam (王祖藍), Zac Kao Hao-Jeng (高皓正), and Sherman Chung Shu-Man (鍾舒漫) shared their personal walk with God.


To get a video recording of Wong Cho-Lam, Zac Koo Hao-Jeng and Sherman Chung Shu-Man at the “Heaven’s Love Music Rally 2012” (in Cantonese), please email or contact Jessmyn Kan at 03-79713171. You can also read their testimonies in


For more information on Starpark, please visit:


Here are the music albums sold in the Heavenly’s Love Music Rally, produced by various Christian Hong Kong artistes. Catch a glimpse of the song in the album from the videos below: