Love, Lust, Marriage – by Zac Koo

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Zac Koo Hao-Jeng (高皓正)  is a Hong Kong artiste who wears many hats – actor, singer, host, musician, and deejay. But nothing beats wearing his favorite hat; that is being the child of God.

On October 12 to 14, Zac shared his love story with God in an interview and in the “Heaven’s Love Music Rally”, both organized by Starpark. Other fellow Hong Kong artistes who participated in the event included Wong Cho-Lam (王祖藍) and Sherman Chung Shu-Man (鍾舒漫).



Falling in Love

A man deeply in love with God, Zac explained the difference between like and love.

“You like a girl because she is successful, talented, beautiful and wealthy. But what if she loses all these qualities? She becomes unlikeable. Love is liking her even if she is unlikeable,” said Zac who got married with his wife, Jacqueline, three years ago.

Zac talked about people’s unending quest for success, from entering the university to getting a high-paying job, getting married, having children, retiring with financial security, staying healthy, so on and so forth.

“We tend to base our self-worth on success. I named my daughter smooth-journey and successful. But even if she fails, I will still love her,” said Zac as he referred to the heart of our Heavenly Father.



Falling into Lust

A philander in his college days, Zac found it difficult to keep a relationship for more than a few months, due to his dissatisfaction with the girls he dated. Although Zac knew his actions were harmful, he could not find strength to turn away until he dated one particular girl who already had a boyfriend.

The girl’s boyfriend was furious and invited Zac out for a meeting. The meeting turned violent, where  her boyfriend suddenly shoved a knife within a hair’s breath of Zac’s neck. What he said directly to Zac next changed Zac’s life.

“You said that you are a Christian. I do not believe you. A Christian will not act like you. Why did you take my sheep away when you have so many sheeps?” said the girl’s boyfriend.


Zac was stumped, and got punched by a group of boys. He then lodged a police report against the girl and her boyfriend for attacking him. In defense, the girl accused Zac for attempting rape. And for six months, Zac was investigated like a criminal.

During these six months, Zac reflected and realised that his negative perceptions about people were wrong.

“I used to ask myself why did my mother die when I was only six years old? Why did the girls I dated have so many problems? What is wrong with my siblings that made them leave?” said Zac.

Zac realised that he did not respect his loved ones and he only dated the girls out of lust. Accepting Jesus Christ’s love and grace, God moved him to apologise to all his family members and ex-girl friends. His relationship with his family became closer, and he even amended a few friendships with his ex-girl friends.

“To love by yourself is very difficult. It cannot be trained. Only God’s overflowing love in your heart would enable you to love naturally,” said Zac.



Lusting within Marriage

Zac also talked about his struggles during his college days to keep away from pornography. He felt hypocritical for engaging with lustful views in the morning, and reading the Bible at night.

“In the past, I find it difficult to hold myself back from lust but God has helped me. Now, my wife would love me when I have lustful inclinations,” said Zac. He shared that having inclinations is not wrong for a man, but they should be shared within marriage, with the wife you love.



Honor God and He will honor you

Zac also talked about how he wanted to follow God in the entertainment industry. Two years ago, his recording company did not pay his salary for three months. Zac prayed to God on whether he should quit, to which God reminded Zac of his vow before he joined the music industry.

“I remember saying to God, unless You ask me to leave, I want to bring all of my colleagues to Christ before quitting,” said Zac. He persevered for another four months after that without salary. However, those times were also the most fruitful days. God inspired Zac to invite every celebrity he knew to meet and talk.

Zac shared, “They would ask me why I was so joyful and why I did not leave my job. I would tell them that my joy and security came from Christ. And I watched one-by-one of them coming to Christ. In four months I led four celebrities to Christ,”

After seven months without pay, Zac was paid his seven-months salary in one check. At that time, Zac also prayed that God would provide the finances to marry his wife, Jacqueline. His paid salary in addition to the income from his fan site, added to the amount he prayed from God. On top of that, Zac’s recording company was starting up a wedding business, and made Zac and Jacqueline the wedding models.

“The whole wedding package was sponsored. God gave me more than I asked for,” exclaimed Zac.

Celebrating his marriage, Zac reminded us that all of us are made to marry Jesus as the bride of Christ. This life is just a preparation for our glorious wedding in Heaven! Amen to Zac. Praise the Lord!


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