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Pr Jonathan Quigley who currently resides in Los Angeles, shared his story on 28th January in the Full Gospel Businessmen (FGB) chapter (led by Steven Toh), of how God used the FGB fellowship to touch powerful and influential men worldwide.


Pr Jonathan Quigley (middle) with Steven Toh (most right)
Pr Jonathan Quigley (middle) with Steven Toh (most right)


Tracking Roots back to Cuba

Residing in Cuba since he was four years old, Jonathan shared how his father was in the motion pictures and television business, which eventually blossomed into a television station with two channels. But times of peace did not last. When Jonathan turned 16 years old in year 1959, Fidel Castro Ruz became the Prime Minister of Cuba and took away the television station from his father. At that time, Jonathan’s father was planning to leave Cuba with the family, but he decided to stay when Fidel’s brother—Raul Castro—asked his father to set up, build, and manage a press agency called Prensa Latina. Jonathan also assisted the business by becoming a translator there. However, before long, the anti-Castro Cuban underground warned his father that the Quigley’s were suspected as spies. Hence, the whole family left and settled in Miami, United States. There, Jonathan joined the Air Force and later stayed in Seattle Washington;a special place to him because he first accepted Christ in a FGB meeting there in year 1977.


Fidel Castro during his younger days
Fidel Castro during his younger days


Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Even as a young believer in Christ, Jonathan became very involved in the FGB under the leadership of Don Ostrom, president of the FGB at that time. Thanks to his brothers-in-Christ in FGB, Jonathan grew tremendously in his ministry!For instance, that same year he accepted Christ, he went to a camp meeting. There, the speaker talkedabout the baptism of the Holy Spirit and revealed that 35 people would receive the baptism of Holy Spirit that evening.

“As the speaker was talking, I was hanging on to my seat. I felt that the Holy Spirit was trying to grab me and just throw me forward,” said Jonathan, who broke into speaking in tongues even before he approached the speaker.

That night after the baptism, he had an interesting experience in the Holy Spirit. As he was praying in tongues, he suddenly felt that he was dipped into a tub filled with warm oil. From there onwards, he began to develop many gifts given by the Holy Spirit.


Casting out devils




“I got very much involved in casting out devils. I also had an interest in the other gifts of the Holy Spirit,” Jonathan said. He asked God to stir up the gift of the Word of Knowledge, followed by healing and then deliverance. With the gift of the Word of Knowledge, Discerning of Spirits, and other gifts, Jonathan and another brother-in-Christ in FGB learned how different scripturesin the gospel can be used as weapons of warfareto cast off different kinds of demons.


For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Eph 6:12)


So by the power of the Holy Spirit, Jonathan has cast out thousands of demons all over the world. Once, he had a deliverance center in Seattle from 1979 to 1983. Due to the protection by the Blood of Jesus Christ, he was rarely attacked by a demon except for twice. Once, while ministering to a woman he was praying for, a demon suddenly pounced on him and pushed him back. But this confrontation only lasted for a moment; the demon left after he called upon the name of Jesus Christ.

“She (possessed woman) saw this demon jumping at me but an angel came down and took the devil up by the throat,” recalled Jonathan who began to find out how the Kingdom of Darkness operates and exists. “The more you know about the enemy, the easier it is to defeat them, you learn what Scripture works best in some demons and you gain experience in dealing with them. “


Can a demon possess a believer in Christ?


Model of temple in Jerusalem
Model of temple in Jerusalem


When asked about a controversial topic on whether a believer of Christ can be possessed, Jonathan believes that believers could not be possessed, but they can be oppressed and tormented. Just like a temple, which has the—outer court, inner court, and Holy of Holies—we are also a three-part being with a body, a soul (mind, will, and emotions), and a spirit. When we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior; the old man comes out and the new man comes in (2 Cor 5:17). Nevertheless, the demon can still attack your body and soul or mind. That is why the Bible also asks us to renew our mind into the mind of Jesus Christ (Romans 12:2).


Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will (Romans 12:2).


In other words, the demon can figuratively walk into the sanctuary of a church but it cannot enter the Holy of Holies. Nevertheless, whether the evil spirit resides in the inner court or outer court, we must get rid of them, shared Jonathan.


Reaching back to Cuba


Fidel Castro during the Cuba Missile Crisis
Fidel Castro during the Cuba Missile Crisis


Besides an anointing for deliverance, God has also used him to reach out to many powerful leaders in the world through FGB. Although Jonathan left Cuba with his family, he desired to return in 1986. But at that time, United States citizens were not allowed to freely enter Cuba, due to the Cuban Missile Crisis that occurred in the year 1962 and the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion. At that time, Prime Minister Fidel Castro allowed the Soviet Union to set up missile bases in Cuba, to which United States responded by setting up an embargo and blockage to stop advances. To this day, these defenses are still in effect.

Nevertheless, the Lord made a way for Jonathan to visit Cuba as a missionary to share the gospel. In an air flight, he met up with a Texas farmer who shared with him the contact information of the Cuban Consul office in the Czechoslovakia embassy. Contacting the Consular, Jonathan was connected to two powerful men—Head of Religious Affairs of the Communist Party in Cuba and Director of Cuban Council of Churches—who approved his visit. There, Jonathan met up with a pastor who later became a senator in the Cuban government! Imagine the impact of the gospel on these powerful men in Cuba. If the seed were to grow, how many would also receive the salvation in Christ.

Returning for the second time to Cuba in 1993, the founder of FGB Demos Shakarian asked Jonathan to hand an invitation letter to Prime Minister Fidel Castro, to invite him for a business dinner with politicians and leaders.

Turned out, God has used Demos previously to reach out to Fidel Castro. On a business trip going through Cuba, Demos prayed to the Lord to meet Castro. At 2 AM on the day he was flying off, the Lord spoke to Demos to get dressed and go down to the hotel cafeteria. A short moment after Demos sat down, Castro walked into the cafeteria! And since Demos was the only cafeteria patron, he was invited to have dinner with Castro. After a deep and meaningful conversation, Demos was even invited to revisit Cuba. But due to the political unrest, the opportunity did not come. Though the doors of opportunity were closed then, this shows how God can use ordinary businessmen to reach out to powerful leaders in the world!

However, two weeks after Jonathan sent the invitation letter, Demos passed away at 80 years old and the meeting was cancelled. But Jonathan did not give up the hope to reach out to Castro.

In 1986, a priest from South America wrote a book called ‘Fidel and Religion.’ In the book, Castro admitted that his religion is politics although he was raised in a Catholic school. The book apparently revealed that he did have a concept of Christianity. Hence, Jonathan used this opportunity to call Harald Bredesen who was a close friend and worked under the CBN founder Pat Robertson, to personally interview Castro. But in a turn of events, Robertson later decided to run for President of United States and felt his association with Castro would be a problem due to the hostile relationship associated with Cuba. Castro was not interviewed and reached out to. Although Jonathan failed to reach Castro, God knows how many people he tried to send to Castro in sharing the gospel with him.


A more recent picture of Fidel Castro
A more recent picture of Fidel Castro


Reaching World Leaders

We can see how far and deep the influences of FGB are worldwide through the mighty hands of God. The power of the gospel is in the marketplace! He also shared how God has used him once to meet the former president of Guatemala, Efraim Rios Mont. Jonathan had asked the Lord if he could meet him; a pastor there called and invited Jonathan for breakfast, where he met the former President and his wife. When Jonathan told them that he was a missionary there, both of them started crying in front of him. Jonathan shared how that was an interesting encounter.

“I believe, due to my association with FGB, and the opportunities to minister with them in the early years, that it has helped me in ministering in over 40 countries, and I also have lived in Argentina, Mexico, Malaysia, France and other countries.

“He is moving by his Spirit in so many different nations. With the Holy Spirit, there are no borders. When we carry the Kingdom of God in us, we can establish His Kingdom in His Word and Power,” said Jonathan. Recounting the time when he saw gold dust falling on people in Argentina and France, he is convinced that God is pouring out His signs and wonders today, like never before.

So, how did Jonathan end up in Malaysia? In 1998, he had a prophesy of going to Malaysia, though he did not understand the reason. About a year later, while he was in France, he heard this booming voice calling him to go to Jerusalem. Feeling the urgency, he immediately took an airplane to Jerusalem, which sparked many missionary works and opened many doors. While he was there,a ministry center invited him to speak, which opened the door to return to France and then to a camp meeting in Virginia led by Ruth Heflin. There in Virginia, after speaking in one of the meetings, two pastors from Malaysia and a businessman from Singapore invited him to come visit Malaysia.


Prophetic Word for the World




Ending his speech in the FGB, Pr Jonathan Quigley shared a word of prophecy given to him regarding the whole world this year. And here are the words:


Hear the Word   

Hear the Word, hear the Word, hear the Word that I have spoken and will speak through My prophets, says the Lord. Do not hold back on what I say, and in the instructions for this hour, go forth in the power of My Spirit, for My anointing you will follow, and I go before you to prepare the way of my coming; move through My Spirit that indwells you.

Make ready, says the Lord, make ready, for the path that is set before you is a glorious path and will lead to My Glory. As rains come down from Heaven, so shall My Spirit descend upon those who seek after Me, so that My Glory shall cover the earth.

Again I say unto you, do not hold back; do not say, could this be of the Father? for I shall speak a clear Word through My prophets and you shall discern it by the Spirit within you.

Times are changing, that which was restricted in the past, shall no longer be, says the Lord. The floods of My anointing shall overflow and increase that which I have done, and new things do I declarer, for this is the day and hour that was spoken of by My prophet Joel, the outpouring of My Spirit on all flesh has begun. Signs and wonders shall increase and things that have been held back will now be revealed. Be astonished, says the Lord, for you have yet to see what has been prepared for you; only believe when you hear My voice and I shall perform it, says the Lord.


Painting a Picture   

I am painting a picture on the hearts of My anointed, says the Lord, that which you see is not what is, for I say unto My Saints, open your eyes in these days of the outpouring of My Glory. For what you shall see is what I will open your spiritual eyes to see, for natural eyes have wanted to see Me, but could not. Through these days to come, I will pour out My Glory on all flesh; so that those who walk in the natural will see me as they have never seen Me before, that their hearts will be open to receive Me. Darkness will give way to light so that the things hidden shall be revealed, open your eyes My beloved, for that which man has desired to see, even as I have revealed them to you, they also shall see and believe.


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