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I have often challenged the people of God to enter the Holy of Holies and come into God’s presence to have intimacy with Him by using the allegory of the Old Testament ancient Temple as an example.

Only the chosen ancient High Priest can enter into the Sanctuary to do his worship and duty on behalf of the people of Israel who can only worship God from afar in the Outer Court.


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As a Psalmist, I have been so ‘Heavenly-minded’ in the past that I have not explained clearly what we can now do to enter into God’s Holy Presence in this New Testament times, OTHER THAN GOING TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY to have ‘Intimacy with God’…

Haha!!! I have been called ‘Ancient’ by some!!

You see, we can all come into the Holy of Holies now at any time as Jesus has provided His precious blood on the cross of Calvary, so that we can meet with God or talk and communicate with Him anytime we want; He lives in us..


Heb.9:12…’Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us….’


Other than attending the ‘four-walled’ churches on Sunday where we have corporate worship, called the ‘Celebration Service’ in the fellowship of the Saints, for the other days of the week, we can be..


‘Shut in with Jesus,  And be shut in with the Lord…

Like a vessel of honor I wait upon the anointing oil….

My cup runneth over with grace…

I’m filled with His call …

Content in His presence…

Surrendering all….’


For the young ‘Lambs’ I would say, seek Him in the privacy of your own rooms, shut in between you and the Lord…

I would then put on some worship songs or music and sing it to God. Worship Him and pour your heart out to Him whatever your burdens are, trusting God thru your own faith.. surrendering all..


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That will be your secret hiding place where you will meet with God in the cool of the day!!

You will be blessed in this ‘Intimacy with God’ as you bask in His everlasting Love, and there is Peace and Joy in His presence..

This is how I enter into His presence daily.


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My dear Lambs….Be blessed!!






Pastor KB Chan is an anointed worship leader, a songwriter and Christian recording artiste with a Psalmist anointing. He has so far released seven Christian albums and he has spent his time ministering to Churches all over the country, Singapore and Sarawak.

Baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1987, his life has been a good testimony of God’s grace and provision in times of needs. He is a dialysis patient for 24 years and both his kidneys have been removed for 14 years now. Doctors gave him a few years to live after they removed his polycystic kidneys in 2003.

By God’s Grace he has been acknowledged as a ‘walking miracle’ and known as the ‘Pastor without Kidneys’. God is using him as a ‘Trophy for His Grace and Glory’.



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