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My Part 1 posted earlier was for the Spiritual Babies ‘the Lambs’. Today, I would like to share with the SHEEP; how to go deeper into God’s presence by setting up an ALTAR AT HOME IN YOUR OWN SECRET HIDING PLACE, OTHER THAN GOING TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY, to burn incense to God daily as you commune with HIM.

Like Jacob’s ladders in Gen.28:22


‘He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.’


This will be your connection to Heaven by the Blood of the Lamb; and the angels will go up and down in this spiritual stairway to bring your worship unto God and bring you good news for the rest of the days of the week; your Personal Altar (family) to God!!


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Adoration is the highest form of worship where you come to meet God face to face in your worship, by faith, one to one, spirit to Spirit and heart to heart. A personal intimacy with the Lord; in your secret hiding place.

Corporate Worship on a Sunday can only worship God from afar, considering the time given and other programmes of the Sunday celebration service, as they enter His gates with thanksgiving.. Some have approached me and asked me, how we can have an intimate worship with God..




I will give them 3 basic steps to approach God, in the privacy of your own room, from the Outer Court to the Sanctuary into the Holy of Holies, by the Blood of the Lamb..

I wrote this song when I was in the Hospital to remove my kidneys in 2003, and at that moment I was so inspired by His presence and His miracle in my life. The music for this song was spinning round and round my mind at that moment and I wrote this song.

Listen carefully to the words to the song, as it leads you step by step into His presence from the Outer Court to enter into the Holy of Holies. Be inspired!!


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Your splendor is like the sunrise 

Rays flash from every side 

When I approach this circular radiance 

I am consumed by Your brilliance 

As I begin to draw closer and closer 

I am overwhelmed by Your intense brightness..    (Habakkuk 3:4)


Within the core of that Holy fire 

I see a man sitting on the throne 

And the train of His robe fills the temple 

You are highly exalted and praised O God 

I stand and begin to worship in awe 

My crowns I throw to the floor .. (Isaiah 6:1)


Your beautiful countenance is oozing with love 

Peace, joy, tenderness and kindness from above 

My heart falls for those graceful features 

My passionate emotions have been stirred 

I find myself in love, like never before 

Your lovely face God, I adore 

I love You Lord, give me more .. (Gal. 5:22-23)



O the soft, soft, gentle love of God is pouring 

We exchange this fellowship of love 

O the soft, soft, tender peace of God is flowing 

We commune in intimate love 

Give me more Lord 

Give me more 

Take me higher 

Let me soar



ADORATION in Worship is sharing that intimate moment with God. It is the quiet moment that He reaches into the very depths of your innerself and lights that sparks that only true lovers ever feel. To be totally consumed by His love and knowing that there is no one nor nothing else matters anymore.

These are just the basic steps for beginners and when you are familiar with it you will begin to free flow from the leading of your heart. Be sure to receive the Love, Peace and Joy of God beyond understanding, a pleasing aroma unto HIM..


Be blessed people of God!!



Pastor KB Chan is an anointed worship leader, a songwriter and Christian recording artiste with a Psalmist anointing. He has so far released seven Christian albums and he has spent his time ministering to Churches all over the country, Singapore and Sarawak.

Baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1987, his life has been a good testimony of God’s grace and provision in times of needs. He is a dialysis patient for 24 years and both his kidneys have been removed for 14 years now. Doctors gave him a few years to live after they removed his polycystic kidneys in 2003.

By God’s Grace he has been acknowledged as a ‘walking miracle’ and known as the ‘Pastor without Kidneys’. God is using him as a ‘Trophy for His Grace and Glory’.


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