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When we talked about the Entertainment Industry, the first thing that comes to our mind is a lifestyle of the world, with a hedonistic way of living and loose morals. More so that of the Hollywood Movie and Music Industry, but this is not exactly the way the way Malaysian Christian, David Chua sees it. At only 26 years old he has already worked on numerous projects with some of Hollywood’s most famous names Rachel Platten, Wang Lee Hom, Adam Levine, One Direction, Jessie J, Good Charlotte, and many more.

(David With Randy Jackson who was a judge on American Idol)

Here at Christianity Malaysia, we have the opportunity to interview him about his current job, as well as his Christian walk in Tinsel town.

He is currently Executive Producing 9 movies, building a VR/Ar startup company, managing an animation company, his recording studio business in Hollywood, partners with Hollywood Film Festivals and working hand in hand with multiple airline companies as their Hollywood entertainment business partner, and a bunch of other projects.

He attributes his success to God. Everything happen thanks to God’s blessings and timing.

David came from a church named His Santuary of Glory in Taman Yarl OUG. His passion for music started by playing for God and making people cry in church and wanted to make that his full time career. That’s when he eventually applied for Berklee College Of Music and moved over to the USA to pursue his dreams.

David explains while everything always looks glamorous on the outside, he didn’t really have it all from the start. Rejection was and still is a major factor in his life. Yet David always believe in the underdog story, where the bible says it best, the first will be last and the last will be first. From being rejected twice applying for Berklee College Of Music, and applying 3 times to his music production major at college, from painting walls of rockstars and serving coffee in movie theaters, to being treated as the young Asian guy in Hollywood, and getting compared all the time, not only challenged him but made him stronger to focus on God more than ever especially at times when everything seems crumbling down.

Q: So can you explain to us more about the journey of your success?

“The media only sees my success but don’t really experience the progress. The definition of success is subjective. I always sought strength, wisdom and directions from God. I always believe in having tons of luck, or as believers, favors from God almighty in every step we take in our daily lives. We just need to focus on him and let God lead the rest of the way. Of course don’t be lazy, you have to do your part too, but being led by the Holy Spirit mentally, physically and spiritually contributes greatly to my life,”

(David with American Christian Music Singer, Israel Houghton on his left)

Q: So how did you manage to meet all the people that you work with?

“I got most of my connections through prayer and ‘coincident moments’. From walking down to my car bumping into Good Charlotte’s studio, meeting a person from Dreamworks animation studio thru a random event, getting my first big music experience with producers that worked on One Direction, One republic and Katy Perry, thru a coffee meeting with a church member, getting into producing films thru music festivals in Asia; everything really never makes sense in my life cause it’s birth by God’s grace, craziness and brilliance.

Q: That’s interesting. So things must have been pretty smooth for you?

“It’s not always easy to be in this industry. One of the ways to succeed is to have a persevering spirit, as well as a spirit of excellence in everything you do, and doing to others what you would want them to do to you. In the end of the day, serving others and giving your best to anything and everything you do as though you’re really doing it for God himself, is the secret weapon of living life anywhere and everywhere. Relationships are key to everything.

There’s an artist that I’ve worked with for the past 2 years. No one believed in her and everyone else came thru the project left, since they only look at things short term. Yes, she might not be the best person to work with but, i always tell God that if this project is for me, I’m gonna give my best no matter what. Turns out, her father was one of the richest men in London and I’m fortunate enough to be working with her on the next Avatar project. With the same person, I also got to work on a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and so many other crazy encounters. It was only through my dependence of God, and the fact that He wanted me to look at every person through His eyes which are the eyes of love, that I was able to hold on,” he added.

(David with singer songwriter Wang Leehom)

Q: So what’s it really like working in Hollywood?

“When you are in Hollywood, people think it’s all about the money, fame, and glamour. But end of the day there is also the hardship and pain. That as well as the allure of all sorts of negative lifestyles that go against the teachings of Christ. My prayer to God is every when I step out the door is so that I am led by the Spirit. This is so when I go around meeting people, no matter how big or small they are I will treat them with the respect and see them all as God’s children. LA is a very tough industry, with high and lows and not every day is honeymoon or colorful, there are times that are hard but I have to pray and trust God because He was the one that put everything in my life.”



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