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20th Nov 2012. By Ezra Chim. CM –

Brother Shankar was born into family with a staunch devotion to the many gods as practised in the faith of his birth. He used to get up very early in the morning to clean the altars, put flowers and pray. He would know all the gods by name. Then, at the age of 19 years old he became a Christian while he was in Maxwell School, Kuala Lumpur. And guess what happened? All “hell broke loose” literally. 


Bro Shankar


This is a life testimony of a brother who would go against all odds, be a faithful believer and put all his trust in Jesus Christ. When he was discovered that he became a Christian, his family “disowned” him and there was no peace at home as the family was always persecuting him with harsh words and unkind treatment. He was the first Christian in the family. His parents were from Bangalore, India. He withstood the fierce opposition to the point that at the age of 22 years old, he had to move out of the house with only a sleeping mat and a few clothes, and no money.



With his lovely wife


Even with the fierce persecution to his Christian faith, and lack of resources, he did manage to complete his electrical engineering degree from Ireland. It was a distance learning program. He attended classes in the evening and on weekends while at the same-time holding a fulltime job. He graduated with the degree in 1986 at the age of 27 years old. Soon after, he got married to his wife in India and again, she was from a different faith.

Over the years, he has worked in many multinational companies from a trainee to supervisor and later as general manager. The Lord’s favour was always upon him wherever he worked.

Asked about his strong faith in Jesus, Shankar says that, “At the age of 23 years old, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me one morning. He was dressed in a white garment and there was bright light surrounding Him. The Lord said to me “Come and I will show you the way.” The Lord spoke to me with open arms and with so much love and a big smile on His face.” This visitation from the Lord confirmed his faith even more.


Shankar with his family


The Lord Jesus will appear to him even now whenever he faces danger or if anything serious is going to happen. He is there to guide him and to show the way through difficulties. “If I do not follow Him, then I will end up with serious problems. Even till today, His presence is real and He will just appear before me. He is more than a father to me. There is always a smile in His heart,” says Shankar.

In 2004/05, Shankar was in financial distress up to RM500,000 in loans and credit facilities. Banks and financial institutions were after him. The Lord miraculously opens up a contract for him and saved him from the huge debts.

Since 2010, for every Tuesday evening, Shankar will travel from Seremban to worship at Global Evangelism Christian Fellowship (GECF) in SS15, Subang Jaya. Journey time will take around one hour from Seremban to Subang Jaya. What makes a man travel so far to attend a church meeting? Shankar has this to say, “The Lord appeared to me and told me to serve in this church. I just follow God’s instruction. I do not go for position. I travel joyfully to serve the Lord.” 


Family Portrait


Today, Shankar is doing his own business in the Oil and Gas industry dealing with machining, fabrication and maintenance. The Lord has trained him to be faithful and to be a good follower. He is thankful to all God has blessed him with – a family, a big house in Seremban, two cars, a thriving business and good health to enjoy life’s best. And not forgetting that He has given us His only Son to die for us on the cross of Calvary to give us everlasting life.  

“It is my heartfelt desire and prayer to see all my family members come to know Jesus Christ. He is real and “more than” a father to me,” says Shankar with a sincere love for his very own.  Amen!


Shankar email is at – shankar874@gmail.com





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