More than a Cleaner, I am an Evangelizer

24 October 2012, by Adeline Lum, CM-


Ah Wai was a gambler, racking up RM100, 000 debt from his gambling addiction. Unable to pay his debt, he contemplated suicide in his room when the Businessmen and Professionals (B&P) ministry came to his doorstep to share the gospel. Little did he know, that visit planted a seed of truth in his heart.

On 20th October 2012, Ah Wai shared at the concert with Dr Benny Prasad in Le Quadri Hotel Ballroom, of how Jesus saved his life and turned it around.

Although B&P ministry shared the word of God, suicide was not far from his mind. One day, while riding his motorbike, he cried out to God asking Him to show Himself to him once and for all; if not, he would end his life. He did commit suicide and was sent immediately to the hospital.

“I was half-conscious but I could hear my father crying for me. I felt so remorseful of myself. This is the fifth time I got into a heavy debt,” said Ah Wai.



He wanted to stop gambling but he could not find the strength. To pay back his debt, he left his hometown with his brother in search for a job in Kuala Lumpur. Through the guidance of B&P ministry, Brother Peter hired him and his brother to become cleaners at the campus.

At first, he was reluctant to be a cleaner due to the job’s poor reputation and hard labor. He wanted to quit the first week at the job as he darted unpleasant remarks of onlookers.

“I would hear comments from people saying that they should study hard so that they won’t end up (being) a cleaner like me,” said Ah Wai.

He prayed to God to quit his job, but he was reminded that Noah also endured many years of mockery when he was building the ark.



“I felt ashamed of myself because Noah was laughed at for 120 years while he was building the ark, while I could not withstand mockery for even a week,” said Ah Wai. He learned that God want to build his character in this job. So, he and his brother soldiered in their job. Now, they had already worked for one year and four months.

While cleaning the hostels, he and his brother came across many people from various backgrounds. He felt burdened to show God’s Love to the people who were rejected and had low-self esteem.

“I prayed for some of them. A few (of them) felt God’s love and even cried. One of them was abused during childhood and rejected from church,” said Ah Wai.

To share God’s word, he formed small bible study groups in the hostel with the students. Seeing himself beyond his job, he knows that his main mission was to represent God in showing His Love.



With a newfound perspective, he enjoyed his work more now by listening to Christian songs in his mp3 while cleaning.

“I would sing aloud with joy when I am cleaning the restroom, sometimes swaying my hips or bouncing to the beat,” said Ah Wai, “Students would look at me and wonder why I am so happy.”

He may be uneducated or unhygienic in the eyes of people, but in God’s eyes, he is a precious worker and very much-loved child of God. More than a cleaner, Ah Wai is an evangelizer.

“I see myself as an evangelist, not just a cleaner. My hope is to continue following God, and thank Him for His grace and mercy to me,” said Ah Wai.


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