Praise Music International’s 9th Intake Course Preview Coming to KL in 2 Weeks’ Time

Pastor Irene Choon
Pastor Irene Choon


Have you ever thought of becoming a pianist in 18 months?


Praise Music International’s course is a specially designed breakthrough course where the students can be trained to be a pianist/keyboardist within 18 months. It is a systematic step-by-step teaching method with the Touch© System, invented by Pr Irene Choon since 27 years ago.


Learn All These within 18 Months 

  1. How to play songs using chords, notes, sol-fa and by hearing (without looking at music sheet).
  2. How to improvise a song with chords given by worship leader spontaneously in the home/cell group meeting, school choir, and church meetings.
  3. How to play notes and add accompaniment for the songs from song books.
  4. How to play by ear (without the need for song sheets) to accompany singing of others.



Event Details

Event: Course Preview For Intensive Pianist Course, PJ 9th Intake

Date: 11th March 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 3-5pm

Venue: Council of Churches Malaysia Building, Ground Floor, No 26, Jalan Universiti (Directly Opposite Universiti Malaya Hospital Emergency Ward)



Pr Steven: 016-8308785

Pr Irene: 016-8337631

Sis Jenny  012-8089396




Vanice Liew: “I am able to play by ear to find out the chords of a song, and also I can use the words of God to conpose worship songs”

Isaac Xuan Lee: “I can play any favorite song by ear and improvise the song with different style that I like.”

Cody Wong: “Besides of church songs, I can also play pop songs through learning this course to release my stress and to find more interest in playing the piano.” 

Cheong Nyok Tai: “With PMI, I can dream of playing the piano for my cell group one day. All Glory to God.” 

Mr. Lee: “I can’t believe that at my age, I’m able to play the piano in such a short time. It’s never too late to start learning piano.”


Praise Music International’s Course has been covered in The Star and our own coverage at Christianity Malaysia. You may access these links at:

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  1. hi I am interested in you preview. I have been trying to call the stated numbers but am not able to get through. Pls call or watsapp me at 019-9083862. Thank you.

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