February 23, 2018 Jason Law 0

  In God’s kingdom, gratitude and rest goes hand in hand. When our heart is filled with gratitude for God’s goodness, we enter into a state of rest because we become conscious of God’s faithfulness. […]

Holy Spirit

February 22, 2018 Jason Law 0

    Stay with me till I still, O Holy Spirit , That I may achieve wisdom and grit. O God Almighty leave me not alone Let me be nourished well on my bone.   […]


February 16, 2018 Jason Law 0

  This week, the world over dedicated one day to profess and “celebrate” love. For the most part, February 14 has become a day that is commercially viable. BUT, when we reflect on what it […]

God ‘s Glory

February 15, 2018 Jason Law 0

  As our praises rise above God’ s Glory glides below. With Him always there are All things excellence par!! Glance into wells of water Clear skies are seen above.     He creates all […]

OMF 2018 National Conference in April

February 14, 2018 Jason Law 0

  Pioneered by Hudson Taylor, China Inland Mission (CIM), found its way to the shores of Malaya circa 1951-1972 when over 150 missionaries from CIM came to work in Malaya to meet the practical needs […]

Love Suffers Long

February 14, 2018 Jason Law 0

  By Jon Bloom. Source:   Ask the apostle Paul what the fruits of the Spirit are, and the first thing he says is love (Galatians 5:22). Paul would say love is the greatest of the fruit […]

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