The Right to Play!—World Play Day 2014 by Malaysian CARE


About 280 people came to the Malaysian CARE World Play Day (WPD) on 24th of May with more than 100 volunteers from Taylor’s Lakeside University, Sunway University, DUMC, and Calvary Church, to name a few.


Volunteers of the Malaysian CARE World Play Day
Volunteers of the Malaysian CARE World Play Day


More than 160 children came from various organizations and homes including C3 Kapar, CSO Puchong, TECH Puchong, Early Steps Care Centre, Subang Jaya Lifepoint Social Club, P3KU USJ parent support group, and Stepping stones.




The day started with an aerobic exercise for the children, before a telematch of Futsal and Frisbee. Flanked by CARE’s famous Bumblebee, the children’s favorite activity is clowning or ballooning activity.




Elroy Ng, part-time professional balloon sculptor and clown, volunteered for WPD since three years ago.  He shared, “The children in World Play Day are mostly refugees, they don’t ask for much. Whatever I made, they are grateful and little things can make them smile.”


Elroy (2nd row, 2nd from left, with white shirt) with his group of volunteers
Elroy (2nd row, 2nd from left, with white shirt) with his group of volunteers


There were 20 game booths onsite with Sand Art, Inflatable Castle, and Face Painting being the most popular booths this year. Other games included Pinata, Ping Pong Basketball, Pigeon Hole, Bolo, Sumo Push, Mini Golf, Twister, Mini foosball, etc.

Wong Young Soon, Executive Director of Malaysian CARE, shared that they started WPD in 2006 because they believe that play is an important part for childhood.


Wong Young Soon, Executive Director of Malaysian CARE
Wong Young Soon, Executive Director of Malaysian CARE


“Many children don’t get to play. They are pressured to other activities. Especially for special needs children, using the academic style of learning may not be the best way. But through play, they learn much more.

“Each time we have it, the most encouraging thing is the fun that I see them have. They really enjoy the things that children in that situation won’t be able to,” said Young Soon.




Joyce Tan, coordinator of this year’s WPD, agreed by sharing, “Every child has the right to play. Children from every background and race, regardless of their nationality, ability, and social status are all close to God’s heart.

She is touched by how children can play together with such purity in heart, “My most memorable experience is seeing children play together without discrimination and prejudice, without threatening people who have different religion and race. This is how we should educate our children at large.”




As for the WPD next year, Young Soon has high hopes to hold it in a bigger scale in the coming year, by getting more churches to come and bring their children to commemorate the day.

Joyce Tan also hope to include volunteers more on a personal level, “Give an opportunity and avenue to churches and college students and volunteers to interact with these children who are marginalized by the society.”




She added with urgency, “We need to bring awareness to the society one group at a time. We want a society that is just and inclusive. Everyone should have the opportunity to flourish.”

The event was sponsored by the Chicken Rice Shop, Johnson & Johnson, St David’s Party Shop, and individual friends.


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