Ordinary Day at Work

14 Aug 2013 by Adeline Lum CM-




A smile, a pat, a friendly gesture,

A shrug, a cheer, a twinkling of the eye,

Another day at work,

Thirty emails to start the day,

The old photocopier rumbles nearby,

Aromatic coffee swirled in the cup,

Another ordinary day,

Nothing special,

Just another day to survive,

Nothing surprising.


Thoughts fleeted to yester argument,

The late night of a spouse,

The crying of a baby,

The disapproval of a mother-in-law.


Out of control,

Out of control,

Who is to blame?


Nobody understands,

But keep that smiling face,

Everything is okay you tell anyone who would hear,

My life is great and I am a happy girl.


But emptiness sunk deep,

Where are you God?

Are you here with me?

Am I worthy to call you?

After being away so long?

Why Lord have you abandoned me?

Would you not hear my prayer?

This burden is too great,

I don’t know how far I can go longer,

Where are you God?

Do you hear my cries?

Would you come and rescue me?

And take away my plight?


I am exhausted of my life Lord,

Do you see my tears?

Would you come?

Would you come?

Would you come to ease my fears?


The Lord says,

I am here my child,

I am always near,

To a contrite and broken heart,

I will not push you away.


You are dear,

You are dear,

You are dear to me,

Do not be afraid,

I am your strength and joy,

I see all your tears.


I know all your thoughts,

They are written in my notes,

Come and rest,

Come and rest,

I will give you peace,

A peace you never known,

A peace the world does not offer.


Your smile will be real,

You will delight in my ways,

Nothing will shake you,

Or make you fall,

My mighty hands will hold you,

If only you find me with your heart and soul.


Come my child,

Come my child,

Come and know me,

And I will show you great things,

Things you never seen,

Things you never known,

You will delight in my plans,

My ways will not fail you,

My plans will succeed,

Come away,

Come away,

Come away with me my child,

If only you trusted me,

If only…

You trusted me,

Your days will not be ordinary.


Come Away- Jesus Culture


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