Who Am I?

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Who am I? I am a Child of God in Body

Spirit and Soul . Old has gone. New has

Come. No more tags with past. No more

Sighs or laurels of yester years to sing.


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I am a New Born  in Hope and Glory

To know Him better in Sweet Sublime!

He created nights and days to amaze

Our Strength in Our Faith and  Praise.


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Nay, we shall not doubt our existence

In You,  Father, as You have Promised

Your Son Jesus Who hailed Holy Spirit

To  us so that we are blessed with merit.


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Your Passover  in our troubled times

Like Peter we shall follow Your Way

To cast our nets as Your Holiness say.

Only then abundance is multiplied.


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All Your Glory , Father, we are Yours.

Jesus Redemption in Blood purifies!


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