One Chance

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Psalm 27 :  8 , 9.

When Thou said,” Seek ye My Face,

My heart said unto Thee ,” Thy Face

Jehowah , will I seek.  Hide not

Thy Face from me. Hide not Thy Face.”




Jesus!  I see Your Righteousness

With Father I see Your Oneness.

To You Lord, for Your Love of me.

I have all gratitude beyond decree.


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I shall not fear fierce monsoons

I shall not forget the many moons

I shall wait daily for the rising sun

Your Creation as Father and Son!


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One chance to encounter You, Savior

Is enough for me to hold a  Souvenier .

You Lord with  all  loving kindness

Which You offered  for my blindness.




One chance  being with You enhances

Glory and Thanksgivings Enterprises.


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