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Father in Heaven fathomlessly applaudes

Our obedience to Him in silent applause.

Our weaknesses He overrides instantly

And  His Promises are secured profoundly .


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His Will fills us according to His Ways.

Our obedience to soul and spirit plays

An enormous part apart from our flesh

Which tends to override us and clash.


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Great joy fills our hearts when we obey.

Father , forgave us our sins , and we pray

We be like His Son Jesus Christ to forgive

Through trials , and His mercy , we receive.


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Abraham obeyed God and nations rose.

Jacob obeyed and he became across

The world to be known by God as Israel.

Peace on earth, good will to men. Hail!


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Happy are people soaked in Obedience.

Glory from above rains endlessly hence.


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Annaz Gold

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