June 30, 2017 Annaz Gold 0

  Father in Heaven fathomlessly applaudes Our obedience to Him in silent applause. Our weaknesses He overrides instantly And  His Promises are secured profoundly .     His Will fills us according to His Ways. […]

The Will Of God In Us

June 29, 2017 Tony Dibble 0

  Fear and insecurity rule our conduct and thoughts if we do not know how to live the will of GOD, according to John MacArthur. We should instead delight in following the will of GOD. […]

You are Light

June 24, 2017 Annaz Gold 0

  Omnipresence is Lord  God Almighty. He saw darkness, said with authority ‘Let there be Light.’ And the sun arose. Then the universe formed like a rose Like petals endure God’ s commands, And all […]

Father’s Love

June 16, 2017 Annaz Gold 0

  Silver and gold glitter beneath  the sun, But Father’ s Love outshines all at once. We are redeemed by the Blood of Jesus Because He was Holy in Righteousness.     Forgiveness outshines all […]

Knowing Christ—The Reality

June 15, 2017 Tony Dibble 0

  Knowing GOD and knowing about GOD are two different things. Knowing GOD is having a personal relationship with Him. Knowing about GOD is having information about GOD. Such information about GOD would enable us […]

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