Jesus vs. Yehosua

24 April 2013-


The internet is chock-full of weird rumors. One such weird rumor claims that Jesus' real name is actually Yĕhōšuă‘, therefore the Christian Church has been lying about who he was.

The rumor implies that because Jesus' real name is actually Yĕhōšuă‘, and the Christian Church has been calling him Jesus for many years, Christians have either been lying about his real identity or fooled into worshipping the wrong Jesus… if that is his real name.




First, let's come clean. Yes, Jesus' name is actually Yĕhōšuă‘. (Wow. It feels great to get that off my chest…)

Yĕhōšuă‘ (Hebrew) is also known by the English name Joshua. Joshua simply means "God rescues" – very fitting for Jesus.

It is important to note that Jesus is actually Yĕhōšuă‘ in the same way John is actuallyYôḥanan. Why? Because John is originally a Hebrew name spelled Yôḥanan.

When a name goes from one language to another it is adjusted to accommodate the new tongue.


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  1. This is just a case of translating a name or meaning from its actual texts to another language which actualy doesn’t contained any flaws, but a case the Devil often like to used to fool God’s children from the truth thus separating them from God after they starts to doubt the Truth. A great article! God bless.

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