Who’s got Talent 2 – Preliminary Round

25 April, 2013    Natasha Kim – CM


The long awaited competition has finally begun! The preliminary rounds were held last Saturday at First Baptist Church, Subang where about 60 participants registered and performed their way through the first round. People from all walks of life came to watch some of the most talented performers ranging from children to young adults. It was a sight to behold! 



This event was held for the second time. Their first ever talent show began two years ago. According to Pastor Mark Tan (one of the people who heads the talent show), the purpose of Who’s Got Talent 2 is to engage with the Subang community and beyond through the arts. “This is just our way of contributing back to society by investing in the promotion of arts and talents. Much more to come soon!” he added. 

There, many stayed on from 10 a.m. all the way to 4 p.m. to see who managed to pull through to the finals. From 60 participants the preliminary judges narrowed them down to 30. It was definitely a tough decision as many performed their hearts out. I was personally impressed by the confidence and character that many of them portrayed even though many of them were so young.

Close to the end, the judges finally had to make the tougher decision of picking out the final 12 from the batch. Many anxiously awaited their decision and were at the edge of their seats! At the end, the judge’s call was final as they announced the names of the performers that will be going through.

The finalists that made it through are namely, Ng Li Anne (singing), Sherzanne Lee (singing), Ranessa Jacynthar (singing), Inaora Imran (singing), Megan Tan (singing), Destination Uptown (band), Avalance (band), Amongst Ashlings (band), Loper Boys (dance), Rejuvenate Dance Crew (dance), Echolytes (dance) and last but not least Riska Leong (pianist).



These performers will go through to the final round of the competition that will be held this weekend at the same venue, from 7.30 p.m. to 10 p.m. To make it even more interesting many of the performers that didn’t make it through will still have a chance! There will be 3 “wild cards”! Audiences who attend will be able to vote for their favourite performance from last week. The 3 with the highest votes will be able to make it through to the finals and perform with the rest of the final 12.

Come vote and watch the finale! as they battle it through in front of the final round judges. The multi-talented and well known judges include acclaimed singer songwriter Juwita Suwito, multiple award-winner Joanne Yeoh, and founder of music ministry Oops Asia, Patrick Leong.

Who will make it to the end and win prizes worth RM1200?

Event Venue: First Baptist Church, Subang Jaya.

Time: 7.30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Please call +603-5621-2623 for inquiries.


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