Jesus, the Hope of Christmas by Calvary Church

10 Dec 2013-


Calvary Church Kuala Lumpur is presenting its first Christmas musical at the newly completed Calvary Convention Centre (CCC) titled, Jesus, the Hope of Christmas, come December 13-15.

The CCC first opened its doors in March 2013 for the Easter musical and saw more than 10,000 people attended over the weekend.


Packed 5000-seated auditorium in Calvary Church
Packed 5000-seated auditorium in Calvary Church


‘Jesus, The Hope of Christmas!’ features songs such as 'Where Are You Christmas?', 'Can You Hear the Angels Sing?', and 'One King' to bring to life a perennial story that happened more than 2,000 years ago. This musical is an adaptation of the original musicals 'Voices of Christmas' by renowned composer and arranger David T. Clydesdale and 'The First Noel' created by Jay Rouse.

The musical will follow a man named Joe who religiously plays a part of the nativity in his church but does not fully comprehend the true meaning of Christmas. What ensues is a journey of reflection and realisation as he interacts with his inquisitive son and a lonesome friend, who has just lost his wife. The drama will strike a chord in many hearts, especially those who have been overwhelmed by life’s challenges that are beyond human control.


Easter production at Calvary Church in April 2013
Easter production at Calvary Church in April 2013


Associate Pastor Christopher Lee, the pastor in charge of production says, “The creative weaving of the captivating songs, well-choreographed dance, and heart-warming drama will leave the audience speechless.”

“The story is so down-to-earth, identifiable and moving. What is truly exciting is to know that whatever the situation one may face, hope is available. That’s the essence of the story!” he said.

With a cast of over 150 people, this story will come alive in CCC’s 5,000-seating auditorium that also features a fly tower and impressive audio and visual systems.


Another Easter production by Calvary Church in 2009 at Putra Stadium
Another Easter production by Calvary Church in 2009 at Putra Stadium


To further reveal the rich meaning of Christmas, Senior Pastor of Calvary Church, Rev Tan Sri Datuk Prince Guneratnam and his Associate Pastors will be sharing hope-filled messages. These message which will also be interpreted into Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia concurrently will bring positive changes to one’s life, regardless of age.

'Jesus, The Hope of Christmas' will run from December 13, Friday at 8pm to December 14 & 15, Saturday and Sunday respectively at 5pm.

Entrance is free of charge, so come with your family and enjoy a weekend of hope and entertainment.

CCC is easily accessible by STAR-LRT. A shuttle service will be provided at the Sri Petaling LRT station an hour before and after the Musical.

For more information, please call 03 8999 5532 or 03 8999 5561.


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