Painting – A Spiritual Practice

9 Sept 2013 by Natasha Kim CM – 


We have often heard the saying, “Let go and let God” but letting go is hard; in fact it’s scary and not the easiest thing to do. By using the painting process we are able to experiment with letting go. The commitment to put paint on paper without a thought-out plan or design frees a person to set aside judgments and expectations of what she/he “should” be doing and creates a space to listen. By giving attention to the process of art making we may begin to notice stirrings within ourselves – resistance, insight, joy, sadness — all of which are points for reflection and prayer. You do not need any previous art experience for this workshop. Come even if you have never painted before.


Painting as a Spiritual

“Painting is a very practical extension of the central Christian conviction that God loves to take flesh in our physical world…In painting one can give oneself over to the creativity of God; to co-operate with the Holy; to allow God's Spirit to move through us with paint, brush and paper as the Spirit wishes.” – Fr. John Quigley

Calvary Life Ministries (CLM) is glad to share and extend a warm invitation for you to join them in the CLM art retreat "PAINTING – A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE" on the 21 & 22 September.


Painting as a Spiritual


Find more information in the brochure below and please click on Fr. John Quigley's video link below to watch him as he shares a little more about what he does.




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