International Christian Mission (ICM) Malaysia Celebrates God’s Faithfulness in Thanksgiving Celebration

5 Feb 2015 by Jason Law CM –


The International Christian Mission (ICM) Malaysia is no stranger to most churches and Christians in Malaysia. ICM has been a cornerstone for the mission field for years. For a long time, they have been working closely with pastors and church members in the harvest field, extending God’s Kingdom across many nations, even as far as Africa, halfway across the world.


International Christian Mission (ICM) celebrated their annual thanksgiving to God recently.


Headed by Brother Edwin Marsden, the organization facilitates and leads mission trips and events throughout the region as well as the year, January to December. Besides going on mission trips themselves, the members of ICM operate as instructors for future missionaries. For others, being a part of the ICM Malaysia ministry mean being given opportunities of taking up roles on short-term missions, sponsoring a pastor or an ICM Malaysia student, or praying for the workers in the harvest field as well as the lost.     

Recently, ICM celebrated the faithfulness of God and the Holy Spirit in a thanksgiving celebration. The celebration opened with a Spirit-filled time of worship, proclaiming God’s faithfulness and control over even the most difficult of challenges. Much prayer was made for the healing of the country, before STM Coordinator brother David Christopher and ICM President Edwin Marsden shared about the work ICM Malaysia had completed throughout 2014.


Worship in the thanksgiving celebration.


Many of the mission trips aided by ICM Malaysia made it possible for people living in the most remote areas to hear about the Gospel for the first time. Great testimonies were shared about God’s work not just on the home soil but even as far afield as Nepal and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

ICM training was conducted in Gorkha and Dhangadi, Nepal. In DR Congo, a majority of children in the pygmies’ school set up at the Biane campsite successfully completed their classes. Out of 129 registered for the year, 103 went up to the end of the school year. 87 passed their classes. Additionally, 13 adults completed their literacy and evangelism class.  

Nearer to home, in Sumatra, a former witch doctor came to know Christ and now shares about Him on television. In the Phillipines, large contingents of police officers from the ranks of Police Inspector to Police Superintendant came to know the Lord in a personal relationship and participated in Leadership seminars for the Philippine National Police (PNP).


Presentation on updates about ICM’s work in 2014.


Brother Edwin Marsden shared a simple heart-felt message about the Holy Spirit as well as the Christian’s role in missions work. He shared that the work that had been achieved in multiple countries throughout the year was done not by powerful or glamorous people; they were ordinary people doing the extraordinary.

‘In John 17:4, Jesus said “Father, I have finished the work that you have given me to do”. Jesus recognized that He was born on Earth for a purpose and that He had come to finish the work that had been set for Him by the Father. And in verse 6, He said, “I have made you known to those who you have given me.” He knew exactly His role and what He had to do. In verse 18, He said, ”Just as you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world.”

‘Jesus has finished His work and He appointed His disciples to continue the work. But He did not just past the baton to them, He sent them the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit worked with Jesus throughout His lifetime. The Holy Spirit came upon Mary and Jesus was born. The Holy Spirit was there when Jesus was baptized and when He was in the wilderness. He was there in Jesus’ ministry (Acts 10:38). And today that same Holy Spirit that worked with Jesus is here to work with us,’ brother Marsden encouraged.


Brother Edwin Marsden sharing his message.


Brother Marsden shared that when ICM started out, none of them had any official training beyond simple obedience and faith in God; they were businessmen, and as the ministry grew larger than them, they had to trust the Holy Spirit’s providence. It is recognizing who they are working for and coming to know the Holy Spirit on a daily level, being led and guided by Him that has sustained the ministry. Time and time again, the Holy Spirit has shown His faithfulness.

‘The Holy Spirit is not some form of power. He is not some kind of energy or just someone who’s out there. He is the one holding power above all other power in this world and He is in us. Without Him, we cannot do anything. So we need to know the person of the Holy Spirit and work together with the Spirit,’ he conveyed.


HISTEAM making a contribution of a boat for ICM’s work in extending God’s Kingdom.


A pot-luck style dinner was provided, where you could see the closeness of the bond between the members, in fellowship and contributions towards the pot-luck, before the celebration closed with many other first-hand testimonies from missionaries.    


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