The Sword of God, From Death to Life

15 June 2013-


This excerpt was provided with the permission by the International Christian Mission (ICM). ICM partners with churches and Christian organizations to evangelize and disciple believers by providing ICM Bible School In A BriefcaseTM (BSIBTM) materials, training seminars and short term mission trip experiences.


Here is a story of how a student of the Faith-Life Training College (FLTC) in Miri was brought back from death to life! Started by Pastor Peter Racha to train and disciple the Sarawak-born natives about God, FLTC first started using the ICM BSIBTM materials last April.

Today, one of the FLTC students who recently graduated in April, Sunthor Ismail testified of how The Lord gave him the mighty Sword of God.


Sunthor Ismail with Edwin Marsden, President of ICM


Half-way through his training, Sunthor wanted to quit and go to work. However, the night before he quit on 22nd of February, he met a horrible accident at 9 pm, resulting in a totally wrecked car. He suffered a broken neck and back bone, and multiple injuries. The police officer pronounced him dead at the accident site and ordered his blood-soaked body to be sent to the hospital for post-mortem.

Pr Peter Racha was called to the hospital at 2 am together with Sunthor’s good friend, Robert Ajang. They went to the hospital and saw Sunthor’s lifeless body lying there.

While waiting for the doctor to return from getting Sunthor’s x-ray, they began to pray in tongues. Pr Peter commanded the angel of death to leave Sunthor and life to enter his body, while laying one hand on Sunthor’s forehead and another hand holding Sunthor’s right hand, which felt very cold.


Graduating students being prayed for at the FLTC in Miri, Sarawak


All of a sudden, Sunthor began to grip Pr Peter’s hand tightly and lifted it up at the word of ‘Amen.’ Pr Peter was shocked to see Sunthor suddenly opening his eyes and they were red with blood.

Sunthor said, “Robert, keep my sword!” Robert was stunned. Sunthor continued saying, “The big man beside you with golden hair, who took me up and brought me down, gave it to me!” Robert looked around but he could not see anyone.

The doctor who heard them praying began to shout, “Gilakah? Gilakah?” (Are you crazy?) Pr Peter told the doctor that Sunthor spoke and he wanted to sit. While looking at the x-ray photo, the doctor reconfirmed Sunthor’s definite death saying, “How can it be? His neck and back bone were already broken!” At that moment, he realised that Sunthor’s eyes were wide open. An osteologist was immediately called to check on Sunthor, to which Sunthor responded everything was fine.

The big man Sunthor referred to was an angel, unseen by Pr Peter and Robert. And the sword was the Word of God! The angel gave the sword to Sunthor and told him to go back to complete his ICM training because God has a plan for him. So, he obeyed and returned to the FLTC-ICM training. Now, Sunthor Ismail has already graduated and serving God in faithfulness.


First ICM graduation at FLTC in Miri, Sarawak


How about you, mighty men and women of God? Have you brace and sharpen you sword today?


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