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Hallelujah!  You are My Spirit Soul

You are in me  in my own Tabernacle.

When  I  come out of  my  Temple,

Lord, Your light  outshines the world.


Just as You enter The  Galaxy,

Lord ,  Your Presence overwhelms !

Hallelujah! Father , Your Son Jesus

Resurrected  and redeemed  me.


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His Blood cleansed me wholesome.

Thank You God , bless Your Soul!

How Great is Your unfathomed Love.

Blessed am I,  Lord of  Salvation


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O Holy Spirit!  You are with me

Hear my voice that hails You

And  Father and Son  as One.

I am the child You moulded.


Lead me Lord,  my eyes are open.

Till I reach Your Heavenly Gates.


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