God is Love – A Christmas Celebration

28 Dec 2013 by Donna Uning CM –


Kuching – Women Joy Fellowship and International Women Conference organized a Christmas Gala Dinner at the Crown Imperial Hall here recently. The theme for the night was taken from 1 John 4:8, “God is Love.” Guest speakers Rev Timothy and Joyce Chow from Singapore lightened the Christmas mood to the evangelistic dinner.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” said sis Joyce. She described the way Singapore celebrates the holidays with its lavish and festive lights and decorations. “What’s your favorite Christmas carol?” she asked as she started singing her direct and comical version of ‘Silent Night.’


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Sis Joyce Chow


“Where is the heavenly place? We have so little of that peace today,” she said, quoting a report from Caleb and Jones’ book that said most people are discouraged, disheartened and disappointed in life.

“The truth about Christmas is that God loves the world so much that He sent His one son Jesus Christ to be born,” she said. “Christmas is about Jesus!” she added, asking “Then, why do you buy gifts for your mother-in-law?”

“At Christmas, we buy gifts for the people we love and even for people we can’t stand; it’s the thing to do. At Christmas, we buy presents, but it is the birthday of Jesus!” she said. “Have you thought of giving Jesus a present before you rush to the malls to buy presents for people you don’t like?”

“Jesus loves you; He loves you so much that He’s willing to be born as a baby so that you and I can see life,” she reminded us with, “The very serious thing I want to ask, how are you doing? Are you one of those people anxious about life, discouraged with the events in your life?”  


Every good and perfect gift is from above


“I have good news for you; even though you don’t know Jesus, He already knows you,” she shared. “He’s waiting for you to turn your face to Him and know that there is a God who loves and cares for you.”

“Finally, the announcement about Christmas is good news about great joy,” she said, adding, “Because God wants men and women, boys and girls to return to Him. And He’s given us the way; that is Jesus Christ. That’s why we celebrate Christmas.”

Sis Joyce and her husband also celebrated their 36th year of marriage that evening. They have celebrated a few of their anniversaries in Kuching. She shared that her husband would tell her he loves her every morning, and not, “what’s for breakfast?”

“A husband should know the shoe size of their wife because nothing gladdens a heart of a woman than a new pair of shoes!” she advised. “Thank you for being here and I thank the Lord that you are here.”


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The Women Joy Fellowship performing onstage.


“You are here because the love of God has drawn you here. He wants you to hear one more time that He loves you. Jesus says in the world you will have troubles but do not fear, ‘I have overcome the world and I am coming back for you!’” she ended.

The Christmas dinner gathered Christians and their friends from various churches and denominations. Sis Joyce Chow is the founder of Women’s Joy Fellowship, Kuching.



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