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Ps Remi Akintunde and Ps GT Lim from Blessed Church.

1 July 2013 by Donna Uning CM – 


It was a time of healing at the Power Explosion Night here at Blessed Church, Kuching held from June 24-26. Over two thousand people filled the seats to listen to Ps Remi Akintunde and his team visiting from the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Redemption Camp, Nigeria.
“I greet you with all my Nigerian heart,” cited Ps Remi Akintunde to the church. “We’re here to complement what the Lord is doing here,” he said, thanking the pastors here for their great work, adding, “God will honor you through Jesus’ name.”
“I want you to respond to ‘Amen,’” he said. “God is not a gentleman. He loves noise. If the church is cold, miracles will not happen here. God is on the winning side.”
“Anytime you want to respond, respond powerfully! When you do that, your enemies will be afraid.” He called the youths to make a bigger noise. “These are your youths?” he asked at the respond.
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Ps Remi Akintunde and Ps GT Lim from Blessed Church.
“Let me define what youth is in the Kingdom of God,” he told, saying, “A youth is someone who can still pray; a youth is someone who can still lead in the House of God; and still evangelize.” Everybody shout amen!
“This is just an introduction to one who’s so gentle in your midst,” he said. “I’m telling you of the comforter. I’m talking of the greatest force of the universe. I’m talking of the Holy Spirit.”
Zechariah 4:6 tells, “So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.”
“Every child of God is designed to succeed. Every child of God is designed for success,” he said. The bible says not by power, not by might but by my spirit. Immediately after you are born again, you don’t depend on your own wisdom and knowledge any longer, he added. “You depend on the Holy Spirit alone.”
“I want to tell you one or two things about Him,” he said. He is greater than anybody in this world; He is greater than your pastor. When you know the Holy Spirit, it would be easier to receive from God.
When the Holy Spirit comes to minister to a church, its effects is powerful because it’s the power of God. When the Holy Spirit comes down, the work of the pastor is minimized; sick people get healed. To make our work easier tonight, we need the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is concerned with the areas of healing. When we speak the Word, the power comes to heal you, deliver you. It’s the Holy Spirit.
“I want to show you something, so that you know more of the Holy Spirit. Every time I caught up with Him, my ministry changed,” he said. “Any work linked with the Holy Spirit, there will be a noise.”
Power Explosion Night.
Power Explosion Night.
Jesus told His disciples not to start any work without the power of the Holy Spirit. It was when the Holy Ghost came; they went out to do God’s work. The Book of Acts showed how Peter made a lament at the gate through the Holy Spirit.
“Dollar I don’t have, Ringgit I don’t have but I have something money cannot buy –you lame man stand up and begin to walk!” he called. It was the Holy Spirit that works on the body of the lame man.
“Everyone sick here today, before the end of this program the Holy Spirit will visit you and you will receive your healing,” he said.
Isaiah 32:15 tells, “till the Spirit is poured on us from on high, and the desert becomes a fertile field, and the fertile field seems like a forest.”
I want you to understand this reference very well, he said. When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, your wilderness will change into fruitfulness. Whatever you do will bring positive results.
Once the Holy Ghost comes upon you, your wilderness will change. Your barren land changes and bears fruit. If you continue with the Holy Spirit, time will come in your life when your fruitful land will be a forest. “A forest is a place you don’t sow; you go there to reap. That tells you what the Holy Ghost can do in your life for you,” he said.
“If you don’t want to be a part of this land, you need the Holy Spirit. He’ll begin to lead you to prosperity. Will you please believe with me?”  There are no children of God who will not prosper. God has made you a green pasture for each and every one of us. “That’s what the bible says,” he said.
The Holy Spirit immediately leads you to your green pasture. “I want every one of us to meet with the Holy Spirit; as you meet with Him, your problems will disappear. Your wilderness will disappear for fruitfulness,” Ps Remi said.
“We need the Holy Spirit more than we are preaching. I want every one of you to get ready for the Holy Spirit,” he continued emphasizing on the importance of the Holy Spirit as all shouted hallelujah!
Pastor Remi is from the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Nigeria. RCCG is one of the biggest churches in Nigeria, located at Redemption Camp near Lagos. Pastor GT Lim translated the messages in Chinese.  

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