Are you Focus on Now or Eternity?

20 Jan 2013 by Adeline Lum-


Are you focus on now or eternity? As a child, I dreamt about what I would be when I grow up. Ten years from then, I dreamt that I would be a fashion designer who own a fashion boutique. Women on the street would strut in my designed apparels. As a young adult now, I imagine being successful in my career, building a home and having the opportunity to travel the world.  How about eternity? Have you thought about how long eternity is? If life here is but a preparation towards eternal life with God, and our time on earth is but a brief moment, again… will you focus more on now or the future "forever"?



Francis Chan has an interesting perspective on this topic. Watch this video!



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  1. Think of eternity and its really mind boggling. But that is true. If God takes a literal 6 days to create a beautiful earth, just think of what Jesus said that our Father is preparing a home for us which is by now more than 2000 years. How beautiful then heaven will be ?


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