What Do They Expect Would Happen?

23 Dec, 2012, by Rev Dr Steven Kau-


Almost the whole world knows it by now, that Adam Lanza walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and senselessly murdered 20 children aged six or seven and 6 adults, including the Principal. Naturally the whole world reacted in shock at this ghastly event. Like many people, I whispered a prayer for the parents and family members.

What in the world is happening to America? How could this happen, you ask? Why would God allow those children and adults to be killed, when all they were doing was innocently going about their day at school? Where was God? Why didn’t He do something to stop it? Might I remind you of the harsh truth that God was banned from their schools back in 1963? He isn’t allowed in their doors anymore.



You can’t mention His name in most public schools or bow your head to say a silent prayer at lunch, without fear of being called out and sent to the principal’s office. I’ve read of kids being sent home to change their clothes because they had a cross or the name Jesus on their shirts. So here’s my question – “What else do you expect?” Why should senseless acts of violence in their schools be so surprising? Schools, colleges and universities in America want nothing to do with God. His name and His Word and commandments had been systematically been removed from all educational institutions. Christians are fast becoming extinct in their institutions of learning.

And WHY the knee-jerk reaction of every community in a tragedy such as this, invariably consist of holding a candlelight vigil and saying prayers for the victim? Doesn’t this seem even the slightest bit hypocritical or at least nonsensical? Who are these people praying to anyway? And for whom are they praying?  After all, there is no God, right? And even if He existed, He is not their first priority in life and at worse He is not allowed to interfere in their lives. Further, haven’t you heard, there is no life after death, what’s the point of turning to an Almighty Nobody for comfort?

How fantastically insulting this must be to the heart of the Father! Push Him off, blaspheme His holy name at every turn, mock and make fun of His Word and commandments and ignore the wisdom in them and persecute those who cling to His Word and statues. What kind of pushover do you think He is?

Do you picture some benevolent, kindly Grandfather-like figure up in the clouds; some ancient old man with deep wrinkles, which merely nods and winks at sin? Well, hate to disappoint you but our God is a consuming fire and He is not to be taken for granted or trifled with.



Am I saying those children and adults deserved to be killed? Of course not! Don’t even go there. But we must realize that due to the deliberate choices and long term, unrepentant sin of America, God has removed His hand of protection. This kind of pointless carnage is but one result. We should expect more. Why? It is written, “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.” (Ps 9:17) The Democrats want God to take a hike and ideally don’t come back. And so the nightmares continue. Why stop with the schools!

In the week following this, 42 year old Marcus Gurrola threatened to shoot innocent shoppers and fired off more than 50 rounds in the parking lot of Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach, California. After Police apprehended him, he told them that he “was unhappy with life.” Earlier in the week, a crazy man wearing a hockey mask and armed with a semi-automatic rifle opened fire on a second floor of a mall in Happy Valley, Oregon. He killed two people and injured a third. On Saturday morning, a lone gunman walked into a hospital in Alabama and opened fire. He killed one Police officer and two hospital employees before being gunned down by another Police officer. This week, two Police officers, Cpl David Gojian (50) and Jeff Atherly (29) responding to a call to check out a suspicious vehicle at a grocery store was shot dead. By the way our local criminals are also shooting our Policemen on duty too.

The question that is on the minds of many Americas is have they reached the point where every school, every shopping mall and every hospital is going to need armed security? How will society function efficiently if everyone is constantly worried about mass murderers? I dread to think what if the next tragedy involve an explosive device at a school or shopping mall.



See, God is truly real and this is part of the price we pay for demanding God get out of our face and stop telling us how to live our lives. These kinds of events are the result of forbidding the Ten Commandments to be part of their government and courtrooms; from banning Christian displays of the cross or a nativity scene in the public square. When the moral and spiritual foundation of God is removed from our lives, all hell has broken loose.

The apostle Paul warned that selfishness and violence would increase to such a fevered pitch in the last days. He called these times “perilous.” (2 Timothy 3-4) Sometimes his prediction seems to have been an understatement!

We know these sicko kinds of crimes have been committed throughout history but the difference today is the exponential increase in cruelty and frequency. I think it’s safe to say that nearly everyone with a pulse can sense that the forces of evil are amplified more and more each day; growing ever stronger and pressing closer and closer around us. There are days it’s almost suffocating! Perverse cruelty and corruption permeates every nook and corner of society and is sometimes so pervasive, so tangible it wouldn’t be surprising if you could literally reach out and touch that unseen, putrid world with your 3th dimensional human hand.



My dear brethren, looking at what is happening in America and around the world in the last 50 years, there is something that’s even more scary. The human heart has grown more crippled and perverted and very little compassion or courtesy exists on this earth anymore. Now get this, we are living in these circumstances while the church and Holy Spirit are still on this earth! Do you understand the significance of that?

2 Thessalonians 2:3-8 tells us there will come a time when the church will be Raptured and the Holy Spirit removed. We can plainly see how the mystery of iniquity is already working and obviously putting in some serious overtime hours. However, the Holy Spirit, living inside us is STILL here, restraining evil. And it’s this bad already.



Can you begin to imagine what mankind will turn into when the church and the Holy Spirit are taken out of the way? Good heavens, what kind of depraved, demonically driven acts will be committed by those left behind to face the Tribulation with all its charms! There will be no sense of propriety or civility and any kind of respect for law and order will be out the window. There’ll be no where to run and no one to run to for safety; in fact, law enforcement will be the last thing you’ll want to trust!

Nah, I think I skip all that, thank you very much. I’ve been washed in the blood of the spotless Lamb of God and because of that and ONLY that, I stand acceptable and righteous before God and judge of the universe. My “get out of jail” free ticket has been punched and I am ready for that glorious trumpet to sound.



How about you? Time is so short. Please repent (you and your loved ones) and accept the pardon Jesus died a horrible death to freely give you. Being left behind will be your worse nightmare on steroids. Please, please don’t risk it! Today is the day of salvation. Even one hour from now may be too late.

For those of you who profess to be Christian but in love with the world; you are contented to be a so-so Christian; regrettably you are not likely to make it. Jesus would rather you be hot or cold, not lukewarm. I am convinced our “flight” home is long overdue. Take your walk and ministry with the Lord seriously or you will have eternity to regret.

Love you all.



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Rev. Dr. Steven Kau is the pastor of Faith Covenant Church. The church address is at 1-1 Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/5B, 47650 Putra Heights, Subang Jaya, Selangor. Sunday service in English starts at 10 am. His email contact –    kausteven@gmail.com


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