Chromeheart Origins, a Thrill!

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A large crowd gathered at City Harvest Kuala Lumpur (CHCKL) for the long awaited comeback of Chromeheart, an astounding production birthed by CHCKL on the 15th of November 2014. It ran a number of times throughout that weekend which gave many people a chance to attend. The prequel to the 2011 hit Chromeheart, Chromeheart Origins is a fantasy courtroom drama that explored the nature of evil and the complexity of life which challenged audiences to think about why people do the things they do.


The moment of interrogation
Chromeheart Origins: The moment of interrogation.


“In the first two instalments of Chromeheart, we saw the antagonist Lord Yephim, as an irredeemably evil character. In this final part, we get to journey through his transformation and wonder how we would have turned out if we went through the same things he did,” said Reverend Kevin Loo, Senior Pastor of CHCKL. Loo said that Chromeheart Origins was conceptualised, written, produced, and directed by the creative team of CHCKL.


Butterfly dance - a scene from Chomeheart Origins (Compliments of CHCKL)
Butterfly dance – a scene from Chomeheart Origins (Compliments of CHCKL)


CHCKL Creative Director, Esther Ku said Chromeheart Origins is the third instalment in the Chromeheart trilogy. “It is a prequel to Chromeheart, which recorded an attendance of about 5,000 people in December 2011,” she said, adding that the second instalment, Chromeheart Revelation, doubled in attendance about 10,000 people during its four day run in April 2012.


From left - Rev. Kevin Loo and Esther Ku closeup (Compliments of CHCKL)
From left – Rev. Kevin Loo and Esther Ku closeup (Compliments of CHCKL)


As the lights dimmed and the production officially commenced, many people sat there unsure of what to expect. Nonetheless many knew without a doubt that it was going to be a fantastic production! Chromeheart Origins definitely did not disappoint the audience as they stayed glued to their seats until the end. This time according to their story, the Kingdom of Isd had forgotten what life was like before the war. Both the Esuirras Warlords and the Quamoros Beasts have suffered the pain of Master Yeyphim’s rage. The production showed the complexity and interconnectedness of life which left many people deep in thought.


One of the  fight scenes from Chomeheart Origins (Compliments of CHCKL)
One of the fight scenes from Chomeheart Origins (Compliments of CHCKL)


Ku said that CHCKL’s productions have become an invaluable platform for home-grown talent to hone and develop their skills especially in the areas of sound and lightning, video effects and post production, photography, dance choreography, props-making, stunts, makeup, song writing and social media.

“We are passionate about the creative arts and our aim is to create more platforms and opportunities for people to discover and utilize their talent, and realise their potential in life,” added Loo.


An interesting combination of movement and visuals.
An interesting combination of movement and visuals.


Chromeheart Origins featured a cast and crew of 150 people, who were mostly volunteers. All sets and prop, music and dance choreography was put together by the volunteers. In addition, the acrobatic stunt scenes were performed by volunteers with the assistance of Ronnie Kee and his team from a local stunt and effects company, Stunt Power Film Production.


Lovers under the moonlight
Lovers under the moonlight.


Kee said the volunteers were quick learners and passionate about what they were doing. “There is a lot of opportunity for them to rise up compared with the film industry, whereby only selected people get chosen most of the time,’ he said. The trilogy finale was an amazing sight to behold and their lively performance as a whole was a success!


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