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19th Oct 2012, by Adeline Lum,  CM  – 


Life is too busy! No time to sit down, eat or sleep, let alone calling or meeting an old friend. Social medias such as facebook, twitter, whatsApp, and foursquare are bursting at the seams now with people seeking for social experiences quickly- anytime, anywhere, and anyway. Ironically, people today are making more friends but fewer friendship.

Eaglepoint and 1 am production crafted a futuristic play based on a real-life problem with an effective solution. Soon enough, we will become too busy or perhaps too impatient to spend the time and effort in building a friendship.



In the play, Steve Cho, an intelligent programmer, created a one-stop solution that even beat Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook. You can call the solution, Ally or A-LL13. Who needs a friend when you have a life-battery robot that knows everything, from playing chess to changing a car tire? A-LL13 can even go on vacations and shop with you, remembering your every detail like a real-life companion. It also responds better than your iPhone 4s Siri, answering your questions with the algorithm of human behavior. Would you take an A-LL13 if it arrives at your doorstep today?



Funny that sometimes, we can get so hyped with technology that we forget true friendships are built from people willing to invest time and effort on each other. Nevertheless, today we spend increasingly more time facing the computer screen, than calling or having a face-to-face conversation with our friend, husband or wife.

Eaglepoint and 1 am production bring to you a well-crafted tale of how people from all ages need a true friend, irreplaceable by technology. Sometimes, our friends may not be popular like how Megan turned out to Christie in college. At other times, we may find them to be our competitors like how Margaret sees Julie in the corporate world. Still, some of our friends may be completely different from us, like how Steve and Ah Beng make great buddies despite their contrasting personalities. However our friends may be, a true friend is definitely worth keeping and making.



A funny and colorful cast set against an impressively advanced stage backdrop, you do not want to miss A-LL13. With remarkable voices from hard-to-believe first-time actors and beautifully written songs, the cast will make your heart leap with the beat of their song and dance. A Broadway in the making, catch it before it ends this weekend at Eaglepoint Church Malaysia.



The show times are:
20 Oct, 3 pm & 5 p.m. & 8 p.m.
21 Oct, 11 a.m. & 5 pm (Mandarin) & 7.30 p.m.

All shows are shown at EAGLEPOINT Church in Puchong.  Passes are limited to 300 per show.
Admission is by passes only, with free seating, so come early for the best seats.
Available now at EAGLEPOINT services or call 03-80706797.

No. 2, Jalan Rajawali 3,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.


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