Chosen – An Upcoming Inspiring Conference with Patrick Morley for Men of God This October


A man goes on a mission of unearthing who God has chosen him to be. Together with his brothers, they venture boldly into the Chosen realm, where appointed teachers, Patrick (Patrick Morley) and Chris (Chris Kam) await the men with hard and heart-hitting lessons. Armed with nothing but sheer faith in their Creator; join in their adventure as they fight through The Deception Zone, The Pride Zone and The Challenge Zone, and emerge victoriously.


About the Conference


In 2016, the men’s conference of the year will feature the author of the best-selling book “Man in the Mirror” – Patrick Morley and Chris Kam (DUMC) as well.

Expect an adventure as you step in and discover who is the man that God wants you to be. You will find handles in facing the challenges of being a man, learn to walk and work alongside other men. You will step out relishing the roles you are meant to play in God’s kingdom. The 2-day journey will propel you to step up and become the man that God has chosen you to be – activated to carry out God’s plans to lead a fulfilled life.


About the Speakers


The author of twenty books, Patrick Morley, PhD, is best known for writing The Man in the Mirror, with more than three million copies in print. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Man in the Mirror movement and has been teaching a weekly Bible Study to thousands of men for over 25 years.


Pr Chris Kam is currently Senior Pastor of Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC). His passion in life is to help fathers to be effective in their role. He formed DUMC’s Fathers Club in 2010, which is rebranded today as Men Alive! The problems of society today have their root in the lack of male leadership at home. To transform society, we need to transform men by awakening them to their calling as godly men, husbands and fathers.





For more information about the conference, you may visit the event’s website or registration pages (for payment with credit card or via cash). 


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