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3 January 2013 by Natasha Kim, CM-


Calvary wished everyone a very Happy New Year in their Thanksgiving service, where everyone gathered to watch, remember and celebrate what the Church has achieved in year 2012. 


The praise and worship at the beginning of the service


It kicked off with an angelic praise and worship by the worship team and choir. Then, each ministery leader came forth to share their accomplishments, supported by an array of slides and video clips. What a blessed church to gain so many support from their members! In between the services, the Chinese choir and the Youth choir also sang wonderfully. 


The Choir performing for the congregation


Their Biggest Accomplishment is Completed!

This year among many things, they water-baptized 113 people. And they were glad to announce that many have chosen Calvary as their home Church. In addition, new comers have increased since last year. They were also pleased to announce that the Calvary carnival they held in June 2012 was a hit, as they managed to raise a whopping total of RM 600,000 for the new Calvary Convention Centre (CCC)! God is indeed our great provider.

In terms of the CCC, this glorious building located at Bukit Jalil is finally completed! The biggest Church building in Malaysia and probably the biggest in South East Asia as well is just awaiting for some paperwork to be completed for their opening.


The Youth choir singing for the crowd


Besides, the furnishings were installed already and soon enough, everyone would be able to enter and witness this magnificent building which is a blessing from God. This larger facility can accomodate a larger Harvest, to be reached and brought in! 


A Blessed Sharing by the Founders and Congregation

As the service continued, they awarded the people who have been fervently serving the Church and gave baptism certificates to all who were recently baptized.

“We believe that every member is gifted and has a talent. We trust that you will be greatly encouraged to get involved with the kingdom of God. As we get ready to move from this sanctuary into the new CCC, we need everyone to be involved,” said Prince Guneratnam, founder and Senior Pastor of CCC.


Sister Petrina Guneratnam sharing her touching message


Next, the visitors were encouraged to share their testimonies to everyone. One by one, they stood up to share their blessings through their trials and triumphs that God has allowed and made in their lives, as a continual work within them. Stories of hardships as well as stories of love were told. God is amazing to help many realize that He can truly work in their lives if they give Him a chance. As we share with other's what God has done in our lives, we become a blessing to other's.

Sister Petrina Guneratnam then came to the front to share. She talked about God saying “Thank you”. She heard this voice and recognized that it was the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to her. She said, “I’m careful about what God says, and this statement came clear to me, that the Lord says thank you!”

She continued saying, “Throughout this year, He has noticed your obedience to Him and your sacrifice of time, the word of encouragement you spoke and the many other things you have done.”

Her message talked about God’s affirmation and encouragement that help us through. “God is also saying that whatever pain and anger you have, he says to you, leave it and begin 2013, cleaned by the blood of Jesus Christ.” Petrina said.

Senior Pastor and Founder, Prince Guneratnam praying for the congregation


Finally, as the service came to a close, Prince said, “Maybe some of you are still dealing with unfinished situations. And maybe some of you envy the people who have came up and gave their testimonies… while you ask God: where is my story or my blessing?" he said. “If you’re still struggling or need an answer, needing God to speak hope in your life, respond in appreciation of the Holy Spirit.”

God will bless those who seek Him. With that everyone bowed their heads in prayer as Prince lifted his hands and prayed for everyone in the congregation.


Those who received their baptism certificates on this special day


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