February 8, 2018 Jason Law 0

  When life appears good and wholesome, With no lack in anything or is not tiresome, Still anxiousness may slip through senses Which may need a thorough breakthrough.     People break God’ s  commandments […]


February 5, 2018 Jason Law 0

  The dilemma of personal transformation. Can a leopard change its spots?     I have always been fascinated by this fact: Why do some believers make remarkable strides in their spiritual walk within a […]

In the Quiet… THE ENCOUNTER (1)

February 2, 2018 Jason Law 0

  Moses, Jacob, Saul and Cleopas were men who came from different backgrounds, life experiences and cities. But if they were to sit down for a meal and fellowship, I believe they would all immediately […]

Refuge for the Refugee

February 1, 2018 Jason Law 0

  When making an impact for Christ to the community one must never think that age is ever problem. In this case one is never to young too change the community. Take the story of […]

God is With Us

February 1, 2018 Jason Law 0

  Glory be Your Name O God Almighty. As You hold the Reigns of longevity. Gather unto You I will, all my days While I  acknowledge Your Ways.     You are the One Who […]


January 30, 2018 Jason Law 0

  My Part 1 posted earlier was for the Spiritual Babies ‘the Lambs’. Today, I would like to share with the SHEEP; how to go deeper into God’s presence by setting up an ALTAR AT […]


January 29, 2018 Jason Law 0

  Lessons we can glean from David’s military successes King David understood the power of a bursting flood when God swept away his enemies. How did he achieve this phenomenal breakthrough? What secrets can we […]

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