A Magnificent Metamorphosis: Nathan Morris J316 Encounter Revival and Healing Meeting, 1st October 2017


For many years, Nathan Morris has travelled all over the world to preach and share about God’s power and compassion. But he wasn’t born a Christian, only becoming one in 2002. God took him in 4 years from a former delinquent who did not know God to a ministry that shook nations and impact countless people all over the world. One well-known testimony is that of Delia Knox, a woman who was paralyzed for more than 22 years, before God used Morris to restore her ability to walk.


Evangelist Nathan Morris


On his last night in the recent J316 Encounter Revival and Healing Meeting, Nathan spoke about the magnificent metamorphosis when we surrender our lives to Jesus. He shared that while everyone wants the power of God in their lives, the measure of the outpouring a person receives has all to do with the hunger and faith in our hearts.



‘In some countries people are so hungry, that even while I am preaching, it’s like the hunger draws the words from my mouth even faster than I could bring them out. You see, God always feeds the need of the hungry. He takes the small and feed the multitudes and there will always be more than what is needed. When there is little hunger, God will simply feed what little need there is. Tonight I want you to have great hunger for God.’

Nathan imparted that we are made of spirit, and spirit transcends barriers. In God’s Kingdom, there is no race, no difference in cultures or nations, it is all One. When God feeds the need of the hungry, a metamorphosis takes place.



The word metamorphosis in the Bible brings the meaning of transformation. It connotes a change of form or in the nature of a certain object or subject. Situations and circumstances change and persons transformed. This change is not just in the natural but goes beyond into the supernatural realm as well. A spiritual metamorphosis.   

Paradoxically, the reason it is possible for such a change to take place in the person or circumstances is because we serve a God that never changes. ‘When He speaks, His words are eternal. Our God is a God of Covenant. We are bound together with Him as in a contract. We have an established personal relationship with God and God will never break His word. We can stand on the promises of God because we are bound through Christ. Many people place their hopes and security in things that change and fail. But Christ’s Kingdom is an Eternal Kingdom. Of the Kingdom of God there is no end.’



Many verses in the Bible encourage and remind us of the position we have because of the standing we have in Christ. We have a mediator in Christ (Hebrews 9:15). Christ the Son of God Himself mediates between us, the broken world, and the Kingdom of Heaven. We have access to Heaven because of Christ. Christ intercedes for us. In Christ who loves us, we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37).

‘Sometimes the devil will lie to you that you have no hope, but the Bible has already told us that the devil is the father of lies. Romans 8:11 says the same Holy Spirit that descended upon Christ lives in us,’ Nathan conveyed with fervour. This is something momentous and even many Christians may not realize its power fully.

In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit came with power upon the people in the upper room. This Pentecost is the step into the metamorphosis. ‘From coming among His people, God’s spirit now came to dwell inside His people. Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world (1 John 4:4). But I also want to tell you that Pentecost did not begin in Acts 2, and not just in upper room. It was there in the Old Testament, remembered by the Israelites in the celebration of the Passover, for the Old Testament was a foreshadowing of the New Testament’



Pentecost is a word which means 50th Day and it refers to the 50th day after Passover. In the original Passover, the Angel of Death passed over the Israelites because of the blood of the lamb that was laid upon the lintels of their doors. The Pentecost is a crossing over from death into life, where there was death in the Passover, there is life in the Pentecost. In the original Passover, things took place in the material world. In the Pentecost, there is a deeper spiritual level. The Pentecost and the Passover are directly linked and we cannot have one without the other.

But in order to cross over to the next level of transformation, there is a level of sacrifice that is often necessary. Christ said in John 12:24, lest a seed falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, it produces much fruit. We see this even in nature itself. The seed dies, before it sprouts. From this grows a tree, which would in turn produce many more seeds. For this reason Christ died and returned to life, so that He might be the Lord of both the dead and the living (Romans 14:9). It is the same for everyone called to follow Christ.     



All three days of the J316 Meetings were filled with miracles. The fire of God came mightily. Among the healings that took place was tumors from fourth-stage cancers disappeared, the pain from a cervical spine problem went away, the lame started to walk and the blind started to see.


NOTE: All photos through the kind contribution of the event organisers. You can find out more about the miracles that took place during the 3-day event by visiting the event page at  https://www.facebook.com/J316EncounterMalaysia/


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