Finding Hope in God Despite The Challenges In Life : Joshua Lai

9 Nov 2014 by Jason Law CM –


Even amidst the challenges of life, when everything seems to go against us, there is one constant hope that we can hold on to.  The whole Book of Job is a testament to this. In Psalm 86:7, the psalmist calls to God during a time of trouble for he knows that the Lord answers prayers. Isaiah 26:4 reminds us to trust in the Lord, for He is an everlasting rock for those who hope in Him.

One such example can be found in the life of a brother-in-Christ that I recently came across. Brother Joshua Lai is a simple man that does not have the advantages that many of us may take for granted. Sharing about his background, brother Joshua related that he previously worked in a restaurant for many years. Life seemed to be a struggle, and he earned barely enough to support his living.


Brother Joshua Lai suffered from a lung condition (Picture taken from an NGO record card he carried).


‘There were days when I wondered how I would survive, and the future scared me. Things seemed very difficult but I had to carry on with my life. In 2012, I decided to carry out a business of my own. I used to do well in the areas that I covered since 4 years ago. I had my own business, selling stationery such as pens and stickers, and much of this I did through my own effort,’ he shared.

‘During one of my rounds, on a particularly bad day for my business, I returned home at 2pm, discouraged and not knowing what will happen tomorrow. The next morning, I woke up with a sharp pain in my body, hand, leg, and stomach. I didn’t know what had happened or how serious the sickness was.’

Joshua shared that when he went for a check-up, he found that he had been struck with Dengue. ‘I was brought by my brother two times to a hospital for check-up, and the doctor admitted me to a ward. The fever was really bad, and after many days of treatment with dripping from a pack of salt, I was moved to a quiet ward.’


Water retention in the legs.


During his stay in the new ward, Joshua suffered a very painful chest pain, and the doctors found that he had a severe heart problem. ‘I had to undergo ECG, EKOGRAM, heart-scan, and the doctor told me that I had to restrict my daily intake of water. He advised me to take only 500ml of water per day, along with a bowl of rice.’      

Without realizing it, Joshua found one day that he had swollen face, stomach, and leg. An X-ray check-up by an emergency doctor showed that he had a swollen right lung, and many times after, he was admitted to a hospital to tap out the water in his lung.


Brother Joshua Lai today.


‘I wondered why I had to go through all this. Trying to earn a living was already difficult, and now I was going through a tough time of suffering and illness. But the Lord showed me this year that He is always faithful.

‘Since March this year, I was admitted 2 times to the hospital. After I came out from the ward, I found I still had difficulty breathing and swallowing. However, in April this year, I visited the hospital again, and this time when I was discharged I found that I had been healed. This was the last time I had to visit the hospital until now in November,’ he shared.

‘God had miraculously healed me. I was so happy to be free from my illness. What I want to share is that though many may not know what is going on in my life, God knows. When I feel alone, it helps to know that God is there with me. Even my doctor told me that He will surely see me healed. I have faith that God will bless all my work and that I can look to the future with Him,’ Joshua shared.


If you wish to help or bless brother Joshua Lai, he can be contacted either though email at or at 011-26631263.       


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