Our Inheritance in Christ

15th Nov 2012 by Simon Yap –

In Adam we were made in his image.

Jesus is the exact representation of his Father

In Seth people began to cry to the Lord

Jesus our High Priest made loud cries to his Father and was heard

Enoch walked with God



Jesus tabernacle among us and now walks in us

In Noah we were saved from the judgment of water

In Jesus we were judged, died, buried and raised to new life.

In Abraham, we have a righteousness of faith

Jesus became sin so that we might become the righteousness of God

In Joseph we have the man who save the world from hunger

In Christ we have the bread of life

In Moses we have the deliverer

In Christ we have already passed from death to life

In Joshua, we conquer the walls of Jericho

In Christ all forms of strongholds are demolished

In Gideon he won a war with 300

In Christ he conquered all principalities and powers and displaying them to shame

In Samson he was the strength of Israel



In Christ we can accomplish all things

In David Israel had its greatest king

In Jesus we have the King of Kings

In Solomon we have the wisdom of the world

In Christ we have the mind of Christ

In Daniel we have the man who could interpret dreams

In Jesus we have the man who makes dreams happen

In Esther we have the beauty that mesmerize kings




In Jesus, we are presented as holy, blameless and without wrinkle

In Jeremiah we have the weeping prophet

In Christ our tears will be wiped away

In Isaiah he saw the thrice Holy God

In Jesus we have the fullness of the Godhead dwelling in us

In Amos the wall was measured and found to be faulty

In Christ we are made perfect in him

In Malachi God wants His house to be built before He bless us

In Christ we are the house of God

Do you still want to live under the old covenant?





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