ZERO Point The Way To Faith, Hope, and Love Through Their Debut EP “The Way”


ZERO is a 3-piece alternative rock outfit from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


ZERO’s Logo


The name ZERO symbolises the reset of circumstances in the musical pursuits of the group who are remnants of the now defunct 4-piece pop rock band The Bananas which prematurely broke up due to the creative and musical differences of the quartet. Having regrouped and re-aligned their direction, the band decided to soldier on with a new identity/persona.



Birthed in the office/common hall of a music school in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur via a series of jam sessions between the tail end of 2010 and best part of early 2011, the band’s focus has always been to push themselves creatively in order to put out music with a positive message. Countless hours spent in the rehearsal space building chemistry and understanding between the trio has borne fruit with the writing of numerous songs, some of which have been recorded and will be released in the band’s debut EP.



Heavily influenced by Japanese alternative rock band RIZE and veteran American alt-rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine, ZERO blends elements of punk, funk, reggae and nu-metal in their music, along with lyrics about life, faith and hope. Known to bring energetic and head-banging live performances, the band is armed with the mission to imprint their code on the world with their own brand of rock.



ZERO has been participating in various music festivals in Malaysia, namely the Music Tornado Festival, IndiePG and Dong Tai Du Music Festival as well as various appearances at different venues around the Klang Valley such as Livefact, Laundry Bar and Atas by BijanFX.



With the release of their debut EP titled “The Way” on 13 September 2017, ZERO is ready get out there and point the world to the way of faith, hope and love. The lead single from the EP, “Superhero” epitomises both the powerful/“in your face” sound of ZERO as well as the hope for a superhero who will one day come to this wretched earth and save us all. The band is planning to tour the EP and take the EP as far as it can go, to spread this message of hope and love. Be sure to catch ZERO at a venue near you very soon!



Past Shows
ZERO Debut Show – 8 December 2012
Dong Tai Du Music Reunion Vol 9 – 6 April 2013
Ching it out @ The Venue – 26 May 2013
Homegrown Fresh Tunes – 5 July 2013
ZERO Live at Sooka – 12 July 2013
Feedback Open Mic, The Bee @Publika – August 2013
ZERO & Friends Acoustic Show – 29 October 2013
Pre – Show Music Tornado Festival #1 – November 2013
Pre- Show Music Tornado Festival #2 – 12 November 2013
Music Tornado Festival 2013 – 14 December 2013
2Crank Spotlight @ Rum Jungle – 23 February 2014
Feedback Open Mic, The Bee @ Publika – March 2014
Live @ Studio Hive – August 2014
Generate Generate # 2 – 20 September 2014
Speaker Pecah Show – November 2014
Dong Tai Du Music Reunion Volume 11 – 29 November 2014
IACT Rock & Roll Fest @ Laundry Bar – 30 May 2015
Live Fact Kontakt Series – 4 July 2015
Bald and Beautiful at Waikiki Bar – 5 March 2016
Let’s Unite Vol.2 – 1 May 2016
Indie Penang 2016 – 13 May 2016
Tiger Jams Promo Show, Laundry Bar – 2 June 2016
Speaker Pecah, 2nd Anniversary Show, Live Fact – 2 July 2016
Music Tornado Festival 2016 – 16 July 2016
ZERO @ Merdekarya – 8 September 2016
Push to Play 3.0 @ Live Fact – 4 November 2016
Local Bands Night Music Series @Atas by BijanFX – 7 December 2016
Dong Tai Du Music Festival 2017, Dare to Act – 15 January 2017
Jam Bestival 2017, Johor Bahru – 19 March 2017
Oasis Carnival April 2017 – 1 April 2017
International Gospel Music Festival, Bangkok 2017 – 22 & 23 April 2017
Rapidrail Fiesta – 29 April 2017
Oasis Carnival May 2017 – 6 May 2017
Heartcore: Restart – 25 May 2017
OPEN MIC Acoustic @ Frontera – 6 June 2017
KRANK IT UP VOL.3 – 24 June 2017
Pacific Live in KL @ Playspace – 2 July 2017
Oasis Carnival @ Oasis Damansara – 1 September 2017
Rawr Sessions Vol. 7, Playspace – 13 September 2017


For bookings, enquiries and more information –
Joe – 012-2606212
Jared – 014-7255292



1. Single titled “SUPERHERO”:
2. Single titled “FREE”:
3. MV “FREE”:
4. “Take Me to Your Leader (People)” Live at M2 Studios:
5. Live at Dong Tai Du Music Festival 2017, Dare to Act:


NOTE: ZERO will be having an upcoming show this Saturday at Taman Danau Desa. They will be supported by two additional bands Army of Three and South and the Lowlands. Find out more on their Facebook event page at


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