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“I like to say to the young people, do not despise your youth. Young people forget that they could make a difference. You don’t need to be old and depend on someone older to do something. Look at Timothy (in the Bible). He was young and God used him,” said Ang Peng Hoe, Partnership Liaison and Community Outreach Program Coordinator in Asian Youth Ambassador (AYA).


Ang Peng Hoe, working for Asian Youth Ambassador (AYA)


AYA is a non-profit youth development organization that focuses on empowering, equipping and training youths to become agents of change in their communities.

Founded in 1995 by Kenneth & Sandra Chin, it has three arms including Community Outreach Program, Revolution Tour and AYA Awards. Currently, it has about 28 full-time staffs; all of them are under 40 years old, with the majority of them less than 30 years old.

Peng Hoe, also started working for AYA at a young age of 29 years old. He quit after 4 years in the legal profession, which included practising corporate and commercial law in a local firm, before joining as a legal advisor in an insurance company and finally, AYA.


Young people forget that they could make a difference- Ang Peng Hoe, AYA


“I have always wanted to be a lawyer to help people. While I can also contribute working in corporate, I want to help them at a groundwork level, and Kenneth invited me to join him on board in AYA,” said Peng Hoe.

He first met Kenneth and Sandra, now also Senior Pastors of Acts Church, back in his school’s Christian Fellowship. And at 16 years old, Peng Hoe accepted Christ before he moved on to study for a law degree. Upon graduation, a friend invited him to Acts Church and that was how he was reacquainted with both Kenneth and Sandra after 10 years!


Kenneth and Sandra


“My job is to match resources to needs. I was also employed to assist with my legal knowledge to build friendships and partnerships with corporate, non-profit organizations, churches, ministries and individuals,” said Peng Hoe.

What a testimony! We can serve God no matter what degree we pursue!

Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, he owed organization’s successful programs to existing community organizations, which already had a system and network in place to serve the community.

For example, AYA would be partnering with Malaysian Care to reach out to children in the squatters of Kampung Pandan and also with another NGO known as Refuge for The Refugees, focusing on outreach work at a Burmese Refugee Community in Sungai Besi. The outreach involves basic feeding program and bringing the children out for weekend activities such as sports.


Food distribution in partnership with Malaysian Care in Kg Muhibbah


The Community Outreach arm also focuses on providing affordable healthcare through their recently opened clinic called Klinik Kecheeriaan.

You can find their community efforts at USJ Goodyear Court 2, USJ 1 Angsana Flats, Kampung Pandan , Sungai Besi, and Kampung Muhibbah.


Community support and activities in Kg Muhibbah


Although he worked in the weekends, he enjoyed his weekend work, thanks to a ‘good bunch of volunteers’, which comprises of 60 to 80 people currently.

Why serve God among the poor? Peng Hoe took God’s command seriously in taking care of the poor.

“It is very biblical because God asks us to remember the poor. It is His command and not something we choose to not hear or choose to be a blind spot. It is really a part of our Christian call,” said Peng Hoe.

Although his family did not accept his idea initially especially when he already acquired a Master’s in Law, he took a step of faith upon prayers, confirmation from his employer and support from his beloved wife.

“Since I was a student in school, people would tell me that I would serve in a full time capacity. But I thought I would only serve God when I am rich, old, and retiring. Never did I think it was expedited to now,” chuckled Peng Hoe.


Truly, serving God brings meaning to life!

“At the end of the day, you come home fulfilled knowing that you have made a difference. Climbing the corporate ladder meant making lots of money but that might not be necessarily so,” said Peng Hoe. “However, we will always have young people coming. Hence, we are always thinking of bringing our efforts to the following generations because we are not going to be around forever. The work must carry on.”

Touché! To leave the world with a legacy in serving God is better than leaving the world with only money.


Are you interested to leave a legacy today? Find out more by visiting





Brief description of the Arms of Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA):


The Community Outreach seeks to empower the poor and marginalized by providing:

  • Basic essentials
  • Improved education through scholarships, grants, loans, tuition centre and resource centre
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Entrepreneurship and employment opportunities
  • Advices on fundamental liberties and rights.

The Revolution Tour was started in 2008 to blaze a path for eager young people across 14 states to bless and improve their school infrastructure, while the AYA Awards seeks to recognize and encourage individuals who gave their lives to serve other’s despite their own challenges.


Students from SMK USJ 13 adding garden tiles to the landscape

The AYA awards


For more information on Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA) in Malaysia, please visit



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