Young Church Launches Inaugural Album as a Faith Journey

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For a church of its youth, the Breakthru’ Worship Community Church in Bandar Sri Permaisuri has already attained a milestone in its history. Last Saturday, the church launched its maiden album. ‘What is so special about this?’ some readers may wonder.  For starters, the church is young and has only been in existence in its official capacity since January 2013. Additionally, a majority of the songs on the album are largely self-crafted with great quality.


Inside Breakthru’ Worship Community Church.


Breakthru’ Worship Church had their start as a youth center, known as Charis ECUBE, in 2009. Located at that time in Taman Segar Perdana Cheras, they served the students of the surrounding institutes of higher learning, young families as well as workers. Under the auspices of its senior pastor Lawrence from Charis Christian Center, Breakthru’ Worship moved to their current location and took its official name and first steps towards independence in January 2013 with Pastor Perry Robert serving as its shepherd.

For me attending the launch event for the album, it is clear that the church is full of young members who are truly excited about their relationship with the Lord, and it struck me that the album is actually one of many outgrowths from that enthusiasm. Taking the principle ‘Where Worship Comes Alive’, the church takes its worship to God very earnestly. This closely-knitted relationship with God and among its members has earned it endearment from many other Christians in the surrounding area.


Pastor Lawrence Yap and other guests being welcomed at the official launch.
Winny Jessica Setiawan’s message to the church.


Recognizing the spirit of devotion to God that the church possesses, Winny Jessica Setiawan who serves in the worship team of the well-known JPCC church in Indonesia, offered her endeavors in collaboration for the crafting of the album. Both the leadership board and album producer members of Breakthru’ Worship as well as a video message from Winny Jessica Setiawan emphasized the faith journey aspect behind the making of the album.

Winny, who served as the Vocal Director of the project communicated that it is not just about talent or singing, but the work of building up God’s Kingdom. ‘It’s about ministry, how we build the Kingdom of God in this world together’ she imparted. ‘Producing this album has been an interesting experience, working cross-country with BWCC in Malaysia. You overcame your initial fears and challenges and make the project a success. I am proud to be part of the REAL album project,’ she shared in her message to the church.   

Besides Winny, Ricky Sutanto who also has his own production company, Open Hands Production, served as the REAL project’s music director. Ricky shared that having only produced singles in the past, the REAL project was an answered prayer to his dream of producing his first album.  


Pastor Lawrence Yap officiating the launch of the ‘REAL’ album.
Q&A session with Pastor Perry Robert (right) and Open Hands Production’s Ricky Sutanto (left).


Officiating the launch of the album, pastor Lawrence Yap communicated that this is an important milestone in the maturity of BWCC as a church. ‘This launch is an important step for BWCC, especially considering the youth of the church. My hope and anticipation is that this album will go on to bless many others,’ he imparted.   

‘There is a great hope throughout the whole project that the completed album would not just be another music album but one that would bring God’s blessing and make His presence real to people. That is the rationale behind the name we picked for the album. We even made sure, due to different tastes among different people, that there would be variety and something for everyone on the album,’ Pastor Perry Robert shared.   

‘We are limited as humans and maybe we can only express the reality of God to some extent because there’s really nothing that can articulate the true actuality of God, but I am proud of everyone involved in the project, because they all worked so hard.’


The ‘REAL’ album is out for sale on the church’s website with further plans to release them at major Christian bookstores.
The ‘REAL’ music album.


Titled ‘REAL’, the album is a multi-faceted one, comprising a dozen songs, equally spread between those written in English as well as those written in Bahasa Malaysia.  Running themes throughout the album are Christ as a shepherd leading His people, the power of His love that changes lives, and the sovereignty of God. Style range from energetic rock to contemplative.

Some of the highlights for me are ‘Lead Me’ in which the singer proclaims that “Your Love has given me new life, the power and strength to make it through, in the thunder in the storm, Your name will always be my shield’. Other highlights are ‘Greatest Love’ (“Even in the darkest hour, you walk with me in every step, your grace makes all things new”), “Lebih Dari Semua’ with music written by JPCC’s Winny Jessica Setiawan and Ricky Sutanto, as well as ‘Kau Raja’.      


Video Links

Winny’s message to BWCC.


A look at the journey behind the making of the album


A full preview of the album


For those who wish to find out more or obtain the album, you can visit the page at

For more information about the church, you can either visit their website at or check out their Facebook page at /bwcckl


NOTE: Some pictures kindly contributed by Breakthru’ Worship Community Church. 


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