Don’t allow your wounds to turn you into a person you’re NOT!

5 March 2013 by M.V Muthu – 


Someone once said that "Time heals all wounds." If I were to look back at all the physical scars I have managed to get over the years, and how they have became little more than memories, I might be inclined to think that statement is true.

But does time really heal all wounds? I have heard that all my life, as you have but it isn't true. Time does not heal all wounds, much more than time is needed to heal many of the wounds we have received.

How do we cope with life when our spirits are sore? How can we handle life when that part of us which is the very source of our energy and strength is wounded and just won't heal?

The problem is that so many are more comfortable with their old wounds than they are without them. We talk about them and dwell on them so much so that we wouldn't know what to do without them!

Yet we come to church, sometimes half-heartedly hoping for some kind of healing. We haven't given up all hope but we have become skeptical about the honest prospects for healing.

It's like the man who is driving home late one night who decides to take a short cut. On the way he has a flat tire at 1 in the morning. To make matters worse, he discovers that his bumper jack is not working.

Looking down a strange road, he sees a dark farm house. He hates to wake the folks staying in that house but maybe they have a jack he can use. So he starts walking to the house. But as he walks and ponders, his minds takes over.

He begins to think that he will probably make this man awfully mad by knocking at his door this late at night. Even if he did not have a jack, the commotion may wake his whole family up and cause him to be so mad that he will not let him use it.



So, this man finally reaches the farm house and knocks on the door. But by then, he gets so worked up that when the door is opened, he yelled at the man opening the door in his face, "Keep your old jack!"

That seems pretty silly. Yet, in effect, that is what we do to God time after time.

We watch as others seem to benefit from angelic stirring in worship, those on the other side of the sanctuary or a place where some believers of Christ fear to tread. There are actually people who appear to walk toward wholeness and we are envious of them.

But let us not miss the important point, you must want to be healed and set free from the emotional baggages that had beaten you down all these years and keep you defeated.
Grudges, bitterness and unforgiveness will always toll you down tearing the work of the spirit in you. You cannot march and claim victories in the kingdom if constantly you’re under the hold of the devil and his devices to keep you defeated.

The keys are you need to :
1) Forgive those who cause you hurts.
2) Forget the hurts and circumstances.
3) Let go of every emotional ties that constantly bombard you with past experiences.
4) Ask the Holy Ghost to heal those wounds speedily.
5) Get up from the place you are and start walking in the Lord again asking Him to baptize you with joy.

The question is: How much do you want to be set free?


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