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19 August 2013 by Rev Dr Jai – 


To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven  (Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV))



Change is a very powerful thing that everyone will experience in their lives at some point or other. It is basically to become different or to undergo an alteration. For example if one changes from one mind-set, one level of thinking, one level of maturity to another,  it is a change! When we decide to replace one thing for another, it is a change!

However, no one likes change, because change is not pleasant and therefore we tend to resist them. We get angry, even though it is good for us. You know what? We often have a preference for holding on to what we have achieved yesterday and we often celebrate yesterday! Instead  of seeing what the future holds for us!!!




Your readiness to change determines your effectiveness and progress! It is a season for you to move from one level to another- from one dimension to a higher dimension!

God wants you to move from the season of survival to the season of increase.  Change is not your enemy. Change is an agent of your transformation. It is to redirect your life to become the best for God. Have you ever felt, sometimes you need to rock the boat in order to tap into God’s blessing for your life? Change is a challenge that you need to face in your life. You can't keep running all your life from challenges by giving excuses.




But you know what? There are many people who are crying out to God to change their circumstances but God is telling you " I want to change you before changing your circumstances." Nothing will change around your life until you decide to renew your mind to change. (Rom.12:2) Your ability to manage change will really determine how far you will go in leaving your past and moving on into a new horizon that God has designed for you.




Never allow your current situation to determine your future. There is a seed that God has placed in each one of us no matter who you are and if you bury your talent into the earth and bring no change to it, no transformation, then you will be held accountable before God. Allow God to use your seasons to bring about a process of transformation in your life. What is old must be replaced and what is outdated must be removed. What is ineffective must be made effective. God wants to do a new thing in a new season.


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