Wong Cho-Lam, the Funny Bone Man

20th Oct 2012, by Adeline Lum,  CM  – 

A humorous and witty guy on-stage and off-stage, Zac Koo Hao-Jeng (高皓正) described Wong Cho-Lam (王祖藍) as someone who humors himself by making people laugh unceasingly. Zac who knew Cho-Lam from his younger days, believed that Cho-Lam would one day become a famous celebrity, thanks to his funny bone.

True enough, on October 13 in the Heaven’s Love Music Rally held by Starpark, Wong Cho-Lam’s testimony welcomed a roar of laughter from the audience. Talking about his childhood, Cho-Lam felt that he had to achieve in class to make up for his small stature.



“Like Malaysia, students of the smallest size would have to line up at the front. And I, being the lucky one, would be first. With that said, I have to be number one in my class too!” chuckled Cho-Lam.

A valedictorian in school, Cho-Lam joked how he would get a lot of attention from women.

“I start to get a lot of attention from women, but they would be my mum or my classmates’ mum,” said Cho-Lam. As a young boy in school, Cho-Lam would crave for attention from her female classmates who prefer the good-looking basketball players in school.



“I would see girls running after those guys, exclaiming, look at the way he sweat, he is so cool,” said Cho-Lam, again drawing laughter from the crowd, “while I would stand there and wonder about myself.”

In secondary school, Cho-Lam was promoted to the class with excellent students. At that time, he was no longer the best student in comparison. Hence, to leave a mark in school, the multi-talent Cho-Lam would sing and act on stage to draw attention. However, Cho-Lam in humility mentioned that his talent was not the best as well in comparison to other people at that time.

When he was 19 years old, Cho-Lam talked about how he would work very hard to get the roles he wanted in the entertainment business, sometimes offending people along the way. Although he got the roles, Cho-Lam also started losing friends. And after breaking a five-year long relationship with his then girl friend, Cho-Lam went to church and was surprised with their warm welcome.



“Everyone genuinely welcomed me and I felt that I was accepted,” said Cho-Lam. Later, Cho-Lam accepted Christ and his family started to see the changes in him. Cho-Lam’s father in particular started coming to his shows and bonded closer with Cho-Lam.

One day, his father was found to have colon cancer. Cho-Lam would visit him and pray with him in the hospital.

“I asked permission to pray and my dad was so weak that he just nodded. As I made my prayer, my dad would grasp my hand as if agreeing with my prayer,” said Cho-Lam. His father passed away shortly after that.

“I believe my dad made a prayer to God to take care of me and my family before he passed away. I owe my success to my dad,” said Cho-Lam who would ask his late father in Heaven whether he actually made that prayer.

Cho-Lam is a bubbly and changed man, delighted with who God design him to be.

“God told me, you do not need to reach higher to make up for your small stature, I made you in this perfect size,” said Cho-Lam.

Cho-Lam is an acclaimed artiste in Hong Kong now. As for his love life, Cho-Lam has taken the steady route of dating his current girlfriend, Leanne Li, for more than three years. Having known each other for many years, Cho-Lam waited on dating because he wanted to focus on his career and possess the ability to take care of his girl friend. Before starting the relationship, Leanne Li and Wong Cho-Lam even prayed for 40 days to contemplate the start of their relationship. Now, Cho-Lam and Leanne Li are planning to keep their relationship pure before marriage.

God definitely inserted a funny bone into Wong Cho-Lam when He made him.

A humble man before God, Cho-Lam said that he is still a sinful man and depends on God every day to become the person he is today.