Get Out of the Wilderness

8 Aug 2013 by Rev Dr Jai Kumar-


"Then Moses was content to live with the man, and he gave Zipporah his daughter to Moses." (Exo. 2:21)   The Bible says, Moses became contented in Jethro's house. Can you imagine, a brilliant man like Moses! An empire builder! One who was educated in the wisdom of Egypt losing his direction in the destiny of what God had chosen for him!! Contented to being a Shepard!  

40 years of wilderness life ! 40 years of no one word from God! had made this man of God to lose his composition!. Everything seemed to have died and gone away. Every glory and dignity and honor which Moses knew in the palaces of Pharaoh was now covered in the "dust of a low self-esteem."  




You know what? When you are banished in the desert, it is the worst punishment you could ever get. Because God's presence is cut off in the desert experience.  

Then it was just an ordinary day, just an ordinary morning. God suddenly appears to Moses and says, "now is the appointed time!, now is your "KAIROS!" I am going to send you to accomplish my mandate to deliver my people out of Egypt. I am going to move you out of this wilderness period!" Moses reply was, "it can't be true! it can be me! I am not fit to go! you don't mean me God!"   

It seems the self-esteem of Moses became so low that he was unwilling to face any challenges in his life any more. In fact, he was virtually struggling to reconnect himself to his own destiny!  




You know what? I have discovered that as I see people who have been caught up in the wilderness longer than they ought to be there, one of the things that hold them back and paralyzes them from moving forward in the purposes of God is their sense of inferiority. Fear of past failures. "Fearing that if I ever attempt another challenge I will never make it."  

Fear paralyzes and destroyer's the potentials in a person!. Fear will imprison you from being productive! Fear will demolish your visions and your dreams!   God had to first deal with the low self-esteem of Moses!.

God had to lift this man out of the wilderness mentality! God told Moses " I am going to make you a god to Pharaoh" (Exo7:1) despite his adamant behavior of unwilling to step out with God until Moses had to let everything go and totally and absolutely trust God and move forward in His mandate.  






Note: Rev Dr Jai Kumar is the founder and pastor of Full Gospel Outreach Ministry KL. He is also a member of ECCM, spiritual overseer for Full Gospel Christian Church KL, co-founder of the Kingdom Christian Fellowshp Subang Jaya, and also the author of a book entitled, 'God's Time Clock.' 


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