Who’s Got Talent 2 Finale!

5 May 2013  Natasha Kim CM –


After weeks of preparation and longing, the moment of truth finally arrived as the grand finale of Who’s Got Talent 2! commenced. It was close to sundown when I set foot at First Baptist Church, Subang. As I entered the venue, there were crowds of people waiting to enter the hall while others were getting dressed up and working on the final touches of their performances. I could definitely feel excitement in the air! and a tad bit of anxiousness too. There was even a talent scout in the midst of them!


Rejuvenate Crew
Rejuvenate Crew was the winner


Once everyone entered and took their seats it was time to cast the decisive votes for the “Wild Card”. As mentioned previously, only 3 among the remaining 10 who didn’t make it to the finals would be able to make it back into the competition. Many were anxious indeed! The performances of the 10 who performed last week were replayed on video for the audience as they held on to their pieces of papers to vote. Right after, the votes were collected to be tallied.


Priska Leong
Priska Leong secured 3rd placing


While they waited for the results, it was finally time for the talent competition to begin! But before that, the talented and well known judges were introduced to the crowd. One by one the talented finalists came up on stage to perform. There were loud cheers in the audience as they performed. Observing the talents that came up and performed from the previous week I could see that many brushed up on their performances and even their appearance. The girls looked stunning while the guys looked great.


Avalanche – the runner up of the event


After each performance the judges would comment and give their critiques which I found was fair enough. It was the finals after all and only one could win and walk away with the grand prize worth RM1200.

Mid-way of the competition they announced that the 3 “Wild Cards” that would be re-entering the show. They were namely, Jeremy Goonting (dance), Ivan Khoo (dance) and Kavin Ong (singer). It was their time to perform on stage to impress the audience as well as the judges. Each of them did not disappoint as they gave it their all with their superb performances.

The competition then continued on and included added performances by the judges themselves. Juwita Suwito and Joanne Yeoh performed side by side on stage and performed a spectacular version of “The Prayer” (originally performed by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli)


The Finalists who performed


Close to the end of the night, the judges’ decisions were final and the winners of Who’s Got Talent 2 were finally announced! Grand prize winner and first place went to Rejuvenate Crew that wowed everyone with their dance performance. The runner up prize went to Avalanche, a well deserved and interesting performance that consisted of unique sounds and vocals, while 3rd place went to Priska Leong who impressed the judges with her musical talent. After the winners were announced, the event soon came to a close after 2 special performances from those who were awarded best upcoming talent and winners. It was definitely an interesting night to remember!


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