One of the Best Things You Can Do This Weekend

18 Jan 2013 by Timothy Tai-


It’s Friday! And while I’m sure that all of you are thanking God it’s Friday, many of you might also be wondering what you’re going to do this weekend. Regardless of whether you already have plans or not, did you know that by the time Monday rolls around, you’ll only have 49 more weekends remaining in the year 2013?!?! And given the very limited number of weekends that we have, it’s all the more important that we make every single one of them count.



So in case you’re looking for a great and meaningful weekend activity, here’s one of the best things that you can do this Saturday and Sunday (or any other weekend, for that matter): Give your things away!

A friend of mine (whose name shall remain unmentioned) recently announced on Facebook that she went through her wardrobe and discovered at least 60 (yes, SIX ZERO!) pairs of shoes, many of which she didn’t even know she had. Chances are that as you’re reading this, your own wardrobe is overflowing with a myriad of T-shirts that you don’t remember buying, jeans that no longer fit you as well as other articles of clothing that have never been worn. Let’s be honest: we just have way more clothes/shoes/gadgets/accessories/appliances/food/furniture/stuff than we actually need.



Jesus warns us in Luke 12:15 to watch out and be on guard against all kinds of greed because our lives do not consist in the abundance of our possessions. So instead of hitting the shopping mall this weekend and buying yet more stuff, why don’t we go through all the things that we already have and give some of them away to help those who are truly in need? There are plenty of orphanages, shelters and charitable bodies that really need the clothes and unused items that we have sitting around our homes.

If you don’t know who to give your things away to, here are two organizations that you can consider:

  1. The Salvation Army

If you have any clothing, household goods or furniture that’s still in good condition, they’ll take it. They’ll also accept recycling items such as old newspapers, scrap papers, old magazines, tins etc. Your donated items are then given away every month to needy families in the local community and the remaining items will be sold in their Family Thrift Stores. The profits generated from sales will help fund the various community centres, children’s homes, boys’ homes and homes for the elderly that they operate throughout Malaysia.



To locate a Salvation Army office near you, check out the following link:


2. Change Your World (CYW)

Did you know that your old branded T-shirts can provide income and restore hope and dignity to women who have been rescued from sex-trafficking and modern day slavery? All you have to do is just drop off your pre-loved T-shirts at one of three designation locations in the Klang Valley. The survivors will then make your tees into simple yet stylish bags and receive income from their sale.



To find out more information about where you can drop off your pre-loved T-shirts, head on over to

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of all the clutter in your life and be a blessing to the less fortunate this weekend!



Note: Timothy grew up in Kuching and worked in KL before jumping off the corporate ladder in 2006. He moved to New York City where he served at an inner-city kids ministry for almost 6 years. He has since returned to KL and has just married his Irish fiancee Sarah.


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