Website Redesign

Ref: Rotary Youth Exchange |
Ref: Rotary Youth Exchange |

Hi Everyone!

You will notice that the website looks very different. The process of improving the website will be ongoing through the week as it is tweaked and improved.

Please be patient with us as we work towards improving the speed as well as the usability of the website.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.


  1. That is my daughter that you are using as your photo, and I would appreciate a reference to Rotary Youth Exchange, as that is why the photo was taken. Thanks. Michelle O’Brien, Rotary District 5010 Governor Nominee, Alaska/Yukon.

    • Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for letting us know. We have amended the reference to “Rotary Youth Exchange” as suggested. It is a beautiful picture and we appreciate your permission to allow us to use this picture. Let us know if the reference is okay.

      Many thanks and blessings,
      Adeline Lum

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