Upcoming Psalmist Generation Conference 2014

27 May 2014 by Mindy Oon CM – 


The Psalmist Generation Conference is here again! Organized by the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia, the 10th annual conference aims to raise up a generation of worshippers who will give Jesus their love, devotion and submission. While organized by the Anglican Diocese, this conference is open to all churches and denominations all over Malaysia.


Songwriting and Music Arrangement workshop


This year, the conference will be held on the 29th to 30 of May at the newly built Casuarina Meru Hotel. The theme of the conference this year will be ‘Crossing Over’; and workshops and sessions will focus on overcoming challenges and moving forward into the future that God has instore for us.

Among the speakers this year is Pastor David Goh, one of the most sought after motivational speaker in South East Asia. Pastor Goh started working early in his life because he did not pass his L.C.E in 1969. After toiling under the sun for several years, he started on a journey as a part time salesman. In 1977, he stood in front of an audience for the very first time and delivered his first message. It was a simple motivational message. Some would say it was unimportant, but it was a beginning for Pastor Goh. Today, Pastor Goh has been a motivational speaker for more than 36 years, and has also written more than 2 dozen books. One of his books; ‘52 Ways to Make More Money in Network Marketing’ has sold more than 4 million copies in 22 countries, in 9 languages. Responding to God’s calling, Pas Goh started serving the Lord in 2003 and as a missionary, he suffered a bomb blast in Myanmar in 2005. He was ordained as a pastor in 2008, and pastored Richer Life Outreach Church in Pandan Perdana for 5 years. He is now a church planter, and since 2010, has been doing mission work in India, planting a church and an established Bible college in India.  


Pslamist generation 2104


This year’s conference is also blessed to have Bro Larry Lee, National Director for Worship Central who will be sharing the ‘Worship Central Course’. Those who attend this course are free to use the materials and resources and what they have learnt in their own churches. Alpha Malaysia will also be conducting a workshop on the various Alpha Courses – marriage, campus, youth, adult, prison and workplace. Alpha is simply an amazing tool that can be used to reach out to the people around you who have yet to come to know Christ. With its simple, non-pushy message, many have come to know Christ through the Alpha Course.


Alpha course


Other workshops that will be run during this conference are ‘Songwriting & Music Arrangement’, ‘Generation Y Ministry’, and ‘Worship Leading’. For more information on this conference, visit https://www.facebook.com/psalmistgeneration. Log on to this site to find out more on the facilitators, as well as the workshop details. Night sessions are FREE and all are welcome to attend.


Recognizing Gen-Y in the church

All are welcome for the night sessions



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