Good Friday Healing Rallies With Speaker Bro Eddy Yong In Kajang This Weekend

Ref: Kajang Assembly of God


The well-known bro Eddy Yong will be paying a visit to Kajang this weekend for two Good Friday healing rallies, to be held at Kajang Assembly of God.


Event Details

Good Friday Healing Rallies
Date: 14-15 April

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Maranatha Hall, Kajang Assembly of God


About the Speaker

Bro Eddy Yong was a 3rd generations Buddhist/Taoist temple owner. The Lord gave him a Damascus experience where he heard bells ringing, and saw a vision of the hand of God and the audible voice of God. Founder of the Edi-Fire Ministry, Bro Eddy is a passionate speaker with a hunger for people to receive hope and healing.

His healing rallies has seen wonderful miracles taking place such as coma patients raised up, total brain damage reversed, people suffering from paralysis healed, the deaf healed, the blind see, end stage cancer patients cured and legs with unequal lengths grow back to normal size.


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